Orbit Baby G3 Infant Car Seat Plus Base, Black Review



Orbit baby G3 infant car is a compatible infant restrain that is made with top quality products and has one of the best online reviews to date. It has a deep infant carry that provided additional protection to your young one. It has a carry on handle, a sunscreen shield and a paparazzi shield to completely hide your child away from prying eyes, and all that with sturdy design and environmentally friendly products. This is one product that is a must have for all new parents out there. To find out more about the product read on our review.

Features and Specifications

This car seat by orbit baby is made by the most organically friendly products, it has a deeply seated baby insert that ensures that your baby will stay safe and secure while you drive. It is compatible with a round of other products in the market and it can be used for children as small as those who weigh 4 pounds and are born by pre mature delivery safely and securely.

  • Car Seat Base

    The car seat base is easy to install. You can either install it or use the top seat on its own and attach it with the seat belts. It works both ways. But what amazing part is that when your child grows older and you require a new car seat then you can check on the website that which car seats are compatible by Orbit Baby’s infant seat base and you can use it again and again. You can also use it as a toddler rocker car seat by simply rotating it. This makes it less of an age restricted like many other car seats in the market today.

  • Organic Products

    The car seat is made up of completely organic products that are environmentally safe and friendly. The car seat makes products that are free from BFRs (Brominated Flame retardants). Many environmentalists have recognized BFRs being commonly used in our market today and due to which they are responsible to cause many hazards not just to our health but also to the atmosphere.

    With this in mind, the Orbit baby car seat manufacturers decided to come with a car piece that is free of that toxic compound and have inspired many manufacturers out there to follow their lead.

  • Presented in 3 Colors

    This car seat is not present in just one color, unlike many other car seats out there that have a standard black color. You have the option to get this product in 3 different colors in the same design. Now you get to buy something for yourself and your child not according to the manufacturer’s likening but according to your own.

  • Deep Infant Seat

    Unlike many other car seats that have a rather up lifted infant seat, this car seat has a top seat that is located a little deeper than usual. This feature helps to keep your baby safe and secure, away from any hazards and harm and provides it a near 360 degrees protection. The foam on the top seat is patented to be EPP hence providing maximum side protection.

    So now when you are taking sharp turns or are going through bumpy roads you don’t have to worry about causing any discomfort to your child. This baby seat will take care of your baby for you. There is a head support included with it too and that you can remove once your baby grows to create greater room for your little one in your traveling cot.

  • Comes with a Low Birth Weight Fit Kid

    This car seat welcomes any child between the weight of 4-30 pounds or who are between 19-32 inches, but if your child is weighing less than usual and has been born by a preterm delivery and you are concerned how to carry him or her safely in a car seat then this problem is solved by orbit baby car seat makers. You can order the low birth weight fit kit that will have additional padding’s and fittings that will allow your child to snuggle in tightly and be supported just right.

  • Compatibility

    This car seat is compatible with many strollers out there so you are not restricted in buying just Orbit baby’s stroller. The car seat base too is also welcoming to many other seat designs and hence you can buy other car seats for your child if he or she grows up without the need to buy the car seat made only by these manufacturers.


  • Compatible with strollers
  • Can be attached with or without seat base
  • Comes with a low birth fir kit
  • 360 degree safety
  • 4-35 pounds children
  • Sun shield, and paparazzi shield
  • Air plane travel friendly
  • Hand carry


  • Very expensive
  • Handle is not comfortable to use

Who Should Buy

If you are expecting a bay and buying a car seat is the first and foremost priority for you and you can afford to pay high price for a car seat then do opt for this one. It is safe, secure and made up of completely organic products. Obviously costing the nature costs us as well and hence if you want to go green you do have to pay a little more, hence if you can pay then it’s worth the price both in long and short terms.


In a nutshell, this car seat is safe, comfortable, hypo allergic, made up of completely natural products and adjustable, air plane travel friendly too. No wonder this product has a separate identity in the market today.