Are Orthodontic Pacifiers Better


A type of pacifier has obviously caught your attention and you want to know if it’s really something special. Are orthodontic pacifiers better?

Orthodontic pacifiers are less likely to cause tooth misalignment.

There’s nothing to lose if you’d go for an orthodontic pacifier instead of the ordinary round one. Even if the differences between these two soothers are somewhat minimal, at least your baby has a better chance to have beautiful teeth with the orthodontic type.

A report on several studies has already proven the positive effects of orthodontic pacifiers. In particular, this kind of soother can prevent overbite problems.

What makes an orthodontic pacifier different, anyway? You’ll instantly see it when you observe its nipple.

An orthodontic pacifier has a nipple with a round top and a flat bottom. This aims to support the development of your baby’s palate and jaw. The purpose of the flat bottom is to provide less pressure on soft gums and growing milk teeth.

Long-term use of orthodontic pacifiers is still a bad idea.

Just like regular soothers, orthodontic pacifiers aren’t supposed to be used for a long time. Experts recommend weaning your baby from any kind of soother after at least six months old.

However, if your baby is experiencing stress, you may extend his pacifier use. Just try your best to eventually wean him from it.

In Conclusion

Are orthodontic pacifiers better?

Yes, orthodontic pacifiers have more benefits than traditional ones. Their nipple has a well-thought-out design to avoid affecting the natural development of the palate and jaw. A full round nipple will just put pressure on your baby’s delicate gums and developing teeth.