Oster 76 Outlaw Professional Hair Salon Clipper Review



Cutting your own hair is near to impossible for you if you are doing it for the first time. The reason is not that you are not a pro but because you have not been able to use a good hair clipper. You will find the review of one of the best hair clippers in this article.

With the features discussed in this article, you will be convinced that Oster 76 Outlaw Hair Salon Clipper is the clipper you need and that too at a very low price when compared with getting hair cut from a salon. This article is very beneficial even for a pro. They could see the attributes of Oster 76 and get convinced that this is a good choice even for them.

Important Features and Specs

Every product in market has some differential features and strengths that are suited to a specific customer group. This article provides those unique attributes of Oster 76 Outlaw. It would help you to evaluate if this clipper is perfect for you or not.

  • Motor

    The blade across all models of Oster 76 is same. The difference is of motor. Other models have one speed classic motor while it has a 2 speed motor. One is the conventional motor for regular trimming while the other is with turbo speed when you need extra power. It is fully compatible with all types of detachable blades of Oster 76.

  • Accessories Included

    It comes with a zippered case for storage, a brush for cleaning, oil for lubrication, and a size 000 blade which is detachable.

  • Durable and Efficient

    The moving parts, the motor, and the cord, all make it a very sturdy product. The price may seem very high but if you see it like it is very durable and will last for a very long time then it is definitely worth an investment. It will save money as well as your precious time of buying a new clipper every year.

    The blades operate excellent. You can easily change them and clean them. Once installed, the blades will not fall on its own. The trimmer exhales all the hot air out as the motor is vented which eliminates the danger of it getting burned out.

  • Convenient

    You can easily replace the brushes in the motor. It is not only convenient but also makes it more durable and reliable. The blade is very quick and can be disconnected. It makes cleaning so easy and the lengths can be switched very quickly.

  • Works Like a Pro

    In order to protect the clipper, it comes with a felt case. It keep the equipment at its place with the help of straps. The clipper is very durable and a quality product which is evident from its weight. The motor runs very well in both of its modes i.e. turbo boost and regular.

    The blades cut both wet and dry hairs sharply up to the length required. The combs available to purchase differently adds great value to this clipper and are up to the quality standards of clipper. The danger of comb falling from clipper is eliminated, thanks to the metal springs which keeps comb tightly secured on the head of clipper.

    You can easily call it the best hair clipper available for professionals as well as home use people.


  • Powerful 2 speed motor
  • Size 000 detachable blade
  • Comfortable design of body
  • Power cord is 10 ft.


  • After 5 minute use, blade gets hot
  • Large size and heavy weight
  • Color is unattractive

Who Should Buy

If you are a fan of Oster 76 Classic but are concerned over its weight then the Oster 76 Outlaw is your choice. It is a type of adventure for those who like to explore new products. It has an innovative motor and the additional accessories available to buy provide more creative options in hair cutting.

They are also more pleasant to your ear as they are less noisy. It proves that Oster takes the previous concerns into account when making a new clipper. It also allows the woman stylist to give it a try as it is less heavy and less loud as compared with Oster 76 Classic.


Users have praised Oster 76 Outlaw Hair Saloon Clipper to be the best available in its kind. In spite of a powerful heavy duty motor, there is no overheating seen. This keeps the cutting quality to be same without any compromise of frequency of use.

It works excellent on fine hair and it is very good for thick and wet hairs as well. There is no danger of clipper turned on or off mistakenly as the switch is situated on the back side. The cord length is also extremely good making it easy and feasible to move the clipper around easily.