Oster 76076-010 Classic Professional Hair Clipper Review



If you are looking for a hair clipper that can cut any type of hair then Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 is the solution for you. It is made to provide optimum level of strength and horsepower. It is very durable and has a motor full of power sufficient enough to be your ideal choice for cutting of hair over a number of years. It is specially designed to be used on commercial basis by barbers.

The number one requirement to become a professional clipper is to cut in any setting provided for a very long and on continuous basis. You should be now relieved even if you have wet hair of thickest mat as it will cut it just like a dry and thin hairs are clipped. This professional durability also makes it much preferred by non-professionals to be used at home.

Important Features and Specs

Oster 76 Classic professional is built to use for a very long time. It is also renowned as a heavy-duty professional clipper. It is necessary requirement for every professional clipper as it is durable, performs excellent, and has extraordinary power.

  • Excellent Performance

    There is no doubt on Oster Classic 76’s power as it is built to become a powerful clipper. It is efficient and consistent on dry and wet hair both. It can be used in this way for a very long time. It is popular because of being a powerful clipper for a longer period of time as compared with other clippers. Its usage has been as long as for 20 years. The extraordinary noise proves how much powerful its motor is.

  • Ease of Use

    The easy to use feature has been praised by hundreds of users. You can easily turn it on or off through the switch on clipper’s back side. This eliminates the threat to switch it on mistakenly. The 2 blades coming with clipper are of 3/32 inch and 1/50 inch. There are as many as you are13 types of additional blades which make it use more easily.

  • Construction

    It has a tough and sturdy casing made up of valox material making it unbreakable virtually. It also makes it a little heavy as well. The cord is also very strong which eliminates its twisting and tangling. You can install and remove the blade very easily and quickly because of the blade system of Cryogen-x which is detachable. It also has a very standardized cleaning method.

    The universal motor is also heavy duty and powerful enabling it to cut even the wet and thick hair faster and efficiently. Its overall construction gives this product compliment of excellent and durable.

  • Accessories Included

    The hair clipper comes with a brush for cleaning, oil for lubrication, grease of electric clipper, blade of size 000 and size 1 and a blade guard.


  • Universal motor is powerful
  • Highly powerful and efficient motor
  • Efficient blade system which is detachable
  • USA made
  • Durable


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Noisy
  • Too large size

Who Should Buy

This is a professional clipper and is purely made for professionals. The beginners should avoid using it. Its price also tells the same story. You can also look to use this clipper if your hairs are extra thick and tend to cutting on a regular basis. It is such a strong clipper that you can use it for a very long time.

Its weight would verify this point as weak users often find it difficult to use because they are in habit of using weak clippers. Its loud sound gives you the same strong feeling when in use. The inexperienced people looking to have a variety of haircuts have an attraction in this clipper. The different type of blade size gives the variety of choices in cutting the hair. There is not any issue in fades and tapers whatsoever.

The military people can also maintain the same old fashioned haircut giving a conventional tight and high look enabling to pass every type of inspection. It allows you to cut your hair at home from someone rather than going at a barbershop waiting for your turn and paying a high fees and decent tip.


To sum up, Oster 76076-010 can stand to all the roughness of routine use at a barbershop or hair salon. It is quick, strong, powerfully built and through the help of heavy duty motor you can even cut thick and wet hair. The only complain users do it its large size, heavy weight and very loud noise but this also gives an image of reliability and durability.

The Oster 76 Classic Hair Clipper is ideal solution for a hairstylist, barber by profession or a person who is looking to save his / her time and money and give themselves a decent haircut. It is a quality clipper made to give a quality result.