Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper Review



If you are a trimmer and you are unable to cut the hair evenly in two or three attempts then there is a hair clipper waiting for you to use. Oster has come up yet again with a hair clipper specialized to provide even cut on every type of hair. The Classic 76 Professional is a quality hair clipper which is seen through it blades which are so powerful that they cut wet and thick hair just like they are cutting any simple hair.

It is a very good choice to buy for someone who is looking for a durable and powerful clipper to use it continuously for a very long time. The value it provides in the price is much more than the other low price clippers available in the market.

Important Features and Specs

The features which makes Oster Classic 76 a professional product is its blade clipper which is detachable, heavy duty and its size is 000, giving optimum cutting performance. The motor is designed in a creative way making the maintenance very easy and providing product life much longer. It is break resistant and sustains in the roughest conditions of salon.

  • Powerful

    There is not a single 2nd opinion about power of Oster Classic 76. It is efficient and dependable in both dry and wet hairs. It has such a powerful and air-cooled motor that it sometimes blows the hair on the face of barber.

  • Durable

    The users of Oster Classic 76 have verified this clipper to be more durable than other clippers they had. Some have used it for as long as 20 years. The main reason behind is its strong built which is even reflected by its high noise which most of users do not mind as well.

  • Ease of Use

    Although it weighs higher and it has a large size as compared with other clippers, but it is praised by professional as well as by at-home users on its easy operation feature. The most liked thing about it is the location of on / off switch at the back of clipper.

    It avoids the by mistake pushing of this button. It comes with two blades of 0.5 and 2.4 mm through which you can cut the hair precisely. If the cut lengths are longer then the attachment guide combs are there for you. Its usage has been made so easily that you can cut your hair on your own.

    It may not be among the low price clippers but its power to cut your hair in very few passes makes it stand in the market in a competitive position.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Cutting customization and maintenance easy are the attributes given special care in designing Oster Classic 76. The cleaning of blade is very easy as you can remove and install them without any hassles.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The quality of a clipper is best described by the designs of its hair shears. Oster Classic 76 is not an exception to this. Its clippers, which are electric in nature, can be hold very comfortably. There are minimal vibrations generated by motor which reduces the chances of the hand getting fatigued. The casing is of red color and is very thick. It is made up of valox resin which is nearly unbreakable.

    The power cord can not only be bended to reach difficult areas but it is heavy duty built to avoid cutting accidentally. The power button is placed, after a lot of research, at the back side and away from your hand to avoid turning on or off mistakenly.

  • Accessories Included

    It comes with grease for clipper, oil for lubrication, brush for cleaning purposes and a blade guard.


  • Creative design of motor
  • Made for roughest salon barbers
  • AgION blade is detachable
  • Easily cut thick wet hair


  • It’s bulky and heavy
  • Very noisy

Who Should Buy

Oster Classic 76 is a professional clipper made for professional barber. If you maintain them properly, you can use them in your whole career. They do not slow down even when cutting the bulk hair.

All these luxuries require proper maintenance just like you do for a car as it is an expensive equipment and demands attention. The extra blades available to purchase gives you more option in cutting the hair to different lengths. There is also Oster Universal guard set as a onetime investment to make your work easy.


To sum up, Oster Classic 76 is made to be used on a commercial scale and very roughly as well. It would work continuously fast because it has a powerful motor. It enables you to go through the wet thick hair without any 2nd doubts or slowing down.

The product when bought comes with 2 blades but it has more than 12 blades available to be purchased additionally. As it is strongly constructed and has a powerful motor, it weighs more, it requires more space and gives more sound when working as compared with other lightweight clippers.