Do Pacifiers Cause Gas


Pacifiers are generally good for babies. In fact, some experts think that pacifiers can reduce a child’s risk of suffering from SIDS. Despite all the good things about pacifiers, however, there are still moms who are thinking twice about giving one to their babies. One of the most common concerns they have is this: do pacifiers cause gas?

Pacifiers don’t directly cause gas

However, when a baby swallows a lot of air from repeatedly sucking a pacifier, there’s a good chance that he’ll end up with a gassy stomach.

This makes it important that you choose the right size when buying a pacifier. As a guide, the shield surrounding the base of the pacifier should perfectly cover your baby’s mouth. Also, check the latex plug of your baby’s pacifier for any signs of damage. If you see any, consider getting a new one right away.

Don’t forget to check your baby once in a while as he sleeps with a pacifier. If you can’t be with your little one all the time because of the household chores you need to finish, don’t worry. You can always place a baby monitor in the nursery.

Another thing you have to know is when to stop giving pacifiers to babies. Typically, you can wean your baby from pacifier use at the age of 6 months.