How to Pack a Suit


If your travel plans include a business meeting or an important formal dinner, bringing a suit is a must. But how do you pack a suit without creating ugly creases or getting dust on it along the way? Unless you are willing to travel holding your suit on a hanger all the way through, you’re going to have to find a way to fit it in your handbag or carry-on bag. If it’s not for immediate use, you can also pack it in your checked in luggage, especially if you’re traveling internationally.

Men used to bring garment bags to pack a suit when they travel but it has now been replaced by carry-on luggage since it’s more efficient and practical. It’s important to make the most of your limited storage space when traveling. It’s a skill that will save you a lot of time. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your suit fresh and pressed inside your bag by following the correct way to pack a suit in this guide. If you pack it correctly, you don’t have to wait for your big luggage in the baggage claim and you can simply take it out of your carry bag and change in time for your big meeting.

These expert tips will help you pack a suit like a jet-setter in a few simple steps.

Why It’s Important to Properly Pack Your Suit

If you don’t know how to pack a suit properly, you could spend a lot of time figuring out how to fold it and trying different ways only to realize that it’s going to crease no matter what you do. Out of frustration, you could simply toss it on top of all your clothes and things and zip your luggage. Once you arrive and unpack your suit, it will come out wrinkled and messy, and no shower steam can fix it.

It would take a lot more time to iron your suit after unpacking than to pack it efficiently so that it’s ready to go once it’s out of the bag. The trick is getting your suit into a shape that fits neatly in your travel bag. This will ensure that your tailored jacket comes out crisp and neat, just the way you packed it.

Packing Accessories and Other Items

Of course, when you’re expected to wear a suit, it’s only logical that you would be packing the other essentials that come with it. That includes the proper pair of shoes and accessories. Before you pack a suit, it’s best to secure these items first because you don’t want to be missing any of them when it’s time for you to dress up.

  • Shoes

    Naturally, you would need to wear a pair of dress shoes with your suit. To maximize your limited space, it’s best to bring the lightest pair that you could find. These are often the hardest things to pack because they can be heavy. To resolve this, always wear your heaviest pair of shoes and pack your lighter ones.

    Better yet, just wear the shoes. If you’re going on a business trip, you can wear the shoes on the plane. Don’t worry about looking overdressed because dress shoes look good even with jeans. It’s stylish and classy.

  • Ties and Socks

    Roll your ties and socks when you pack them with your suit. Fold your pocket square and if you are bringing an extra pair of shoes, you can put your ties and socks inside them. Another way to pack them is to stuff them in the shoulders of your suit jacket. This will also help maintain the jacket’s shape.

  • Accessories

    You must not forget your cufflinks when you pack a suit. You can simply drop them in the pocket of your suit before you pack a suit so that you can easily find them. When it’s time for you to change, your cufflinks will be there for you to wear.

Steps to Pack a Suit

Follow these tips to pack a suit to ensure that you will be wearing a crisp and clean suit for your important meeting.

  • Lay It on Flat Surface

    Find a flat surface to work on. It could be your bed or the table. Lay your suit face down on the surface, with the front up.

  • Fold the Shoulders

    With the suit lying flat down on the surface, with the front facing up, fold the left shoulder back first. Next, turn the right shoulder inside out and tuck the left one into it.

  • Fold in Half

    When the shoulders are neatly tucked together, fold the entire suit in half lengthwise. Then, fold it horizontally.

  • Wrap the Trousers

    Get your trousers ready to pack with the jacket. Lay the trousers flat on the surface and place the folded jacket on the center of the outstretched pants. Fold the bottom of the trousers over the jacket and do the same with the top of the trousers.

    Now, you can easily fit the folded suit into your handbag or carry-on bag.

Other Tips

According to the experts, an important trick when you pack a suit is using a protective plastic cover on it. You can use the cover from your dry cleaning or you can purchase one that’s specifically for traveling. Pack a suit following the same steps above to fold the jacket, place the neatly folded jacket on top of the bag. This is the area where the hangers are usually gathered. Put it on top of the outstretched trousers and follow the same steps in wrapping the trousers around the jacket. The plastic on the jacket will keep the suit from rubbing against its own fabric. This will greatly reduce the wrinkles on the packed suit.

Knowing how to pack a suit properly will make your trip a lot less stressful. You will be ready to do business right when you land. All you have to do is unpack it, get your accessories out, and change. Your suit will be as crisp as when you packed it.