Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer Review



While thermometers have been made for humans it is essential important to have thermometers for your pet animals as well that function as nicely as thermometers for humans.

Rectal thermometers were utilized for animals before but due to their inaccuracy and unreliability ear thermometers are also invented especially for the ear canals of the animals like dogs and cats. So now you don’t have to go to a vet every time your dog get sick to know if he is running on fever.

Features and Specifications

The probe for most ear thermometers is short because the ear canal of humans is smaller in length as compared to the ear canal of animals. For animals, rectal thermometers were used. But because of them causing much discomfort as well as giving readings that cannot be interpreted as exact internal temperature they are now rarely used.

Pet-temp ear thermometer is made for the humans but it can be used for animals as they have a longer and more horizontal ear canal and normal ear thermometers cannot be used to measure their temperature. The probe is long and thick and flexible in nature and more.

So you can use this product to not only measure the temperature of your pet but also of yourself or any other person of you

  • Design and Display

    The thermometer has a front screen that is large and has digital numbers on large font that makes it easier for you to read the temperature whenever you want. It is accurate for up to 0.3 oF. The probe is large and narrow but this doesn’t hamper the storage of the product as it is flexible so it folds over to transform into smaller shape. This makes it easier to keep around without taking up much space in your drawer or your bag.

    The product beeps on activation singling that the product is now turned on and ready to be used and beeps again when the temperature is recorded. The exterior is made up of hard sturdy plastic that makes it durable and increases the longevity of the product. There is a wrist wrap that ensures that the product doesn’t fall off from your hand when using it.

  • Warranty

    The product comes with a 1 year warranty. So if it stops functioning properly or any damage occurs you can easily send it back to the manufacturer’s company and they will repair or exchange the product for you in low rates. This thermometer can take up to 20,000 temperature readings in its lifetime and can function properly for up to 10 years. This means that for 10 years you can easily stay put and not worry about buying a new thermometer when this will be working just fine.

    The lithium battery has a warranty of 5 years so you will not have to buy a new battery every now and then.

  • Easy To Use

    This product is easy to use for either humans or animals. The product is packaged with a manual with easy to read instructions that can be easily understood and used. This product requires practice to use and hence you should be trained well enough for that. The manufacturer’s website also contains a helpful video that contains how to use this product.

  • Additional Features

    The product is packaged with 25 lens filters and these lens filters ensure that the probe remains germ free and sanitized all the time. As this product is suitable for humans and animals then the chances of contamination are increased. With lens filters you can stay assured that no germs will be transferred through the thermometer’s probe and you can use it on different people and animals.

    The feature of automatic shut off conserves battery and hence shuts the product within 1 minute if it is not being used.


  • Can be used in both animals and humans
  • Automatic shut off
  • 10 year device life, 5 year battery life
  • Provides results in 1 second
  • Accurate up to 0.3 oF
  • High quality and durable
  • Wrist wrap ensures that it stays put on your hand
  • Probe folds over unit reducing its size and making it easier to store the device


  • No memory recall feature
  • Requires practice
  • Some people complained that it didn’t work properly
  • Battery has to be exchanged at price which is not included in the packaging.

Who Should Buy

This product is specifically made for those who want to measure temperature of their pets as well as themselves or any other family member. Due to its durability and high quality this product marks very high on the market.


A good product that is not only cost effective but also efficient to use for both animals and humans. It is suitable for very small puppies as well and this makes the product a stand out in the market. Now that you don’t need those lubricants to use rectal thermometers which can cause discomfort this ear thermometer provides results in a second, is easy to use and above all pets love it.