Petite Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow Review



Pregnancy pillows are considered very important by those mothers who are very careful about their babies. If a mother will spend the restless and uncomfortable nights then it is obvious that these things will affect the growth of the baby and will also affect his health. These pillows are not only beneficial for the pregnant ladies but the normal people can also use them. Similarly these pillows can also be used in day time to relax the feet, arms, legs and back other than night. Besides the purpose of giving a peaceful sleep at night, these pillows can also be used to reduce the swellings, heart burns and the backache.


This pregnancy pillow has following features:

  • Big Size

    The Petite pillow is comfortable to use because of its large size. It covers you from head to toe   and also allows you various postures while sleeping. If you want to sleep on your sides or back then you do not need to change the position of the pillow again and again. The shape of the pillow is designed in such a way that prevents you from the inconvenience at night. So what else you need? The big size and the comfortable design of the pregnancy pillow will give you the perfect comfort level, the level you must need to get in pregnancy in order to make it safe and healthy.

  • Pure Material

    The material of the pregnancy pillow is also pure and soft. It is made up of polyester and cotton. The upper cover is made up of cotton which is replaceable and washable while on the other hand the inner stuffing is done with the help of fusion fiber which are commonly known as extended polymers. That feature allows the free air flow to avoid the excessive heat generation while sleeping. So overall the appearance of the pillow is good and soft.

  • Pain Relief

    The main benefit that we want to get from a pregnancy pillow is its pain relief feature. This pregnancy pillow is also designed according to the requirements of the users. Now you can completely comfort your body including legs, arms, back, hips and belly that will also act as a supporter for your neck and back in sitting postures. So if you are looking for a pregnancy pillow that can give you a perfect relief from the pains then this pillow is ideal to use.

  • Versatile

    This pregnancy pillow is versatile in use. You can also adjust it to support your back and the neck while siting, resting or watching your favorite TV shows. You can also flatten the pillow to convert it into a footrest.

  • Good Quality

    Overall the quality of the product is awesome. It is made up of durable material, so it is long lasting in nature. Also if you feel these pillows dirty then you can easily remove their cover and wash them. If you want to wash the entire pillow then it is not a problem. The washing will not create a lump in the pillow and the polyester will remain smooth and extended. So this best quality pillow is easy to use and maintain because of its good quality.

  • Light Weight

    This pregnancy pillow is light in weight so it is obvious that it is portable. You can either adjust it on the bed or you can also use it to prevent the babies from falling on the ground.


  • Act as a best pillow to give a complete relief of pain in pregnancy
  • Versatile in use
  • Can also be used to save the children from falling down on the floor
  • You can easily adjust the position of your body
  • Completely supports you
  • Easily washable
  • It reduces the pain of joints, knees and the elbows by reducing the pressure on them
  • Also reduces the swelling of various parts of body
  • Brings more comfort
  • Aligns the hips, legs and the back to reduce the pain


  • A little pricy than others
  • It also has cuddling problems
  • The cover cloth shrinks after washing
  • Sometimes it creates the heat because of polyester

Who Should Buy

The Petite pregnancy pillow is famous both in pregnant women and the other people. This product is best to use in pregnancy because of its unlimited benefits. It has got a feedback score of 4.2 out of 5 you can purchase this product as there is no hard and fast rule to get pregnant to use this product. You can use it to relax your body, comfort the back, to reduce the swelling and above all to get a perfect sleep.


The Petite pregnancy pillow is widely used as it serves the pregnant women with its lots of benefits. These benefits have a great impact on the growth of the child so it is always a best decision to purchase a pregnancy pillow in order to make your body comfortable and to ensure the growth of your baby in a better way.