Philips AVENT Basic Baby Monitor Review



Philips has been a leading brand in manufacturing and introducing new and innovative products in the market that elevate your lifestyle. Making kitchen gadgets and home appliances since 1984 and being the market giant has a lot to do with the fact that they put care and concern to the needs and demands of their customers. It is hence the reason why they have had been able to make such devices that have helped making the kitchen experience better and increases ease and comfort in your homes.

With their Avent Basic baby monitor they have introduced a baby monitor in the market that is small and perfect to capture each and every noise of your baby while keeping you assured about your little one. Currently awarded 3.9 stars out of 5 this product is not only reliable but also popular among the customers.

Features and Specifications

The DECT technology allows you to hear your baby at whatever distance you measure with the same ease and clear audio that you will get when you are near him. Unlike many other babies monitor devices which had their own monitors but used to get interfered with other WiFi products and cell phones the DECT technology ensures that the gadget provides zero interference in the signals of your baby monitor.

Also DECT technology sends data encrypted signals so now you will be assured that you are the only one who can hear your baby while he is asleep or awake.

  • Increased Range and Audio

    The range of the device is fairly larger than all other baby monitors out there. With a range radius of 1082 feet so you can now carry your parent device anywhere in your house that you want feeling just as close to your baby. It also has the voice adjustment so you can increase the volume of your baby and hear your little one while you are moaning your lawn or washing your dishes.

    With the increased range and increased volume with crystal clear audio the device makes you feel like you are as close to your baby anywhere in your house. Lacking the camera and video obviously you will not be able to see how your young one is doing and this may make the device go a step back from other gadgets of the same category that boost camera.

  • Battery Life

    The parent device if fully charged for 8 hours will work for you for non-stop 24 hours. This a big working range than all other baby monitors out there in the market. So now you can rest assured that if you have charged your device to its complete extent it will not turn off and work for you. It also has a low battery alert that signals to you on your parent device when your device is low on battery and will soon run out of it. Through this feature you will know when to recharge the battery and keep it running for you all the time.

  • Packaging

    The device is packaged with a parent unit along with a belt that allows you to hang it rather than carry it with you all the time. It has a baby unit that has to be kept in your baby’s room. An AC/DC adapter, batteries, easy to read guide and start up instructions to ensure that you understand the device properly.

Additional Features

The device has a specific talk back feature that allows you to talk to your little one when you are not near to him. So now you are not just hearing him but he is also hearing you.

So if now that you are away from your baby in the lawn serving lunch or in your kitchen cooking and you want to talk to your baby feeling him near you can easily do that with the talkback feature of this device. This gadget also has a soothing night light that ensures that your baby sleeps calmly and soundly in his cradle if you turn it on.


  • DECT technology
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Belt with parent device
  • Night light
  • 1082 feet range
  • 24 hour running battery
  • Talk back


  • No video
  • No out of range sensor

Who Should Buy

For moms who have to handle all their chores and kitchen along with care for their baby this device is perfect for you. You can carry it anywhere you want and it works for a long time as well.

Although it lacks the video feature so if you want to see your baby while you are working in your kitchen you won’t be able to do that but through the talk back feature and clear audio you can hear and talk to your little one from wherever you want.


The DECT technology works for this baby monitor as it allows you to listen to your baby while ensuring the privacy as well as it does not interferes with other wireless technology is and other devices working in your house.