Philips AVENT Double Breast Pump Review



When you are shopping for the new baby angel in your family, you take almost everything for its need, especially for the most important thing, none other than “Mother’s milk”. You will search for the best for your angel before buying. You’re probably wondering what you’ll need the most.

Breast pump is the required item as every drop of your milk counts. Yes, with Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort breast Pump, 2017 Version, you can feel like a fresh gladiolus. It’s quicker, easier and vacates the breast more. It’s a very in demand pump online and the most appreciable competitor in terms of peculiarity and price.

Features and Specifications

Best things come in small packages. Some features to consider Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort the best breast pump for mothers, so get a better idea about it before buying.

  • Commodious

    If you are eager to give natural feeding but have some problems that discomfort you, so stop. As discomfort can cause decrease in your milk supply, so relaxing is very important. Now you don’t have to lean forward, you can sit comfortably upright pump because the Philips AVENT double electric pump of breast’s neck, which is a bit angled, allows the flow of milk to bottle from breast.

    It works more reliably and effectively with comfortable expressing position. The Philips AVENT breast pump has a soft massage cushion with velvety texture for gentle stimulation mimics your baby sucking for clinically proven effectiveness.

  • Easy to Utilize

    It’s simple to use, containing easily assembled lightweight parts. The Philips AVENT breast pump makes your back relax and give ease by comfortable expressing position with downward inclined neck. Betterment over the last version, the Philips AVENT comfort double electric breast pump offers better health for you as well. The pump base is lighter and the electric pump automatically starts in gentle stimulation made to get your milk flowing.

  • Easy to Clean

    Can be cleaned easily, and sterilized due to dishwasher safe and separate small parts, except the electrical parts. With Philips AVENT breast pump you can put your best foot forward. The milk will never come into contact with the tubing and base unit, by which the Philips AVENT breast pump becomes more hygienic for your baby’s health.

  • Appliance

    The Philips AVENT breast pump has a warranty of 2 years. For your easiness, the parts are already fixed so you can start pumping right away. This pack includes the pump and parts, two bottles, a bag, and pre requisite items that include breast pads, an additional travel pouch, and a bra clip that through which you can remember from which breast you fed from last.

  • Portable

    The Philips AVENT breast pump is simple and flexible. Its compact design makes it easy to hold and position on your breast and bottle. The small, lightweight base unit gives comfortable reach for full control when pumping. The breast pump comes with a convenient travel bag. So you and your angel can have a happy and healthy journey. Enjoy breastfeeding by using Philips AVENT Comfort single breast pump breast-pumping!


  • Comfortable pumping position with unique design
  • Velvety textured, massaging cushion.
  • Easier and quicker usage.
  • Free from Bisphenol A (BPA-free)
  • Natural shaped bottle and nipple.


  • A little heavy, when assembled.
  • Noisy motor.
  • More expensive than manual

Who Should Buy

Breast-feeding is based on supply and demand. It will keep producing milk till you keep on breast-feeding your baby or pump it when you’re away. There are two basic reasons to buy an electric breast pump; first, to ensure the milk supply to the baby when you are not available.

Secondly, to ensure there is consistent milk given to baby when you are with your baby. The Philips AVENT breast pump would work best for you in both of these cases.The Philips system is more portable, smaller and lighter weight and quieter. The tubes are sealed from the milk, so milk can’t get into the vacuum.

The Philips pump’s cushions are nice, no pinching and more comfortable. The Philips pump is so much cheaper and much more stylish. A distinct feature is its color; the white and purple give it a much cleaner and fresh gladiolus look. The Philips AVENT breast pump rounded edges gives it a modern look.


Closure to nature, Philips AVENT Comfort single breast pump is the number one single breast pump for comfort and ease of use. If you want comfort with health then pick this breast pump. It allows you to feed milk from breast to your baby in a very easy system with a storage system, pump, natural shaped nipples, and bottles that work together flawlessly.

Overall Philips AVENT breast pump is a very good pump in terms of quality. After buying this pump there is no regretting. Reuse in future option, value the investment. The most comfortable breast pumps range, agreed by 88% mom.