Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump Review



Mothers who breastfeed their baby always seem looking for the breast pump that is comfortable, efficient, easy to use and gives them the feeling of natural feeding. They always want the breast pump that is approved by the scientist that is reliable, approved by the healthcare professionals. No matter the mother is feeding her baby through bottle or breastfeeding her baby, she always need a pump that will facilitate her in both the situations.

That is comfortable for her and as well as for her child. Philips AVENT has provided you the breast pump having all these features. This article is the review of Comfort range of breast pumps from Philips AVENT.

Important Features and Specs

Breast pump should be like such that it is comfortable to the mother and a mother feel relaxed while pumping. Hormones are released which are important for the release of breast milk. Breast pumps which are uncomfortable will prevent those hormones to be released which in turn reduces the release of breast milk.

So it is very important for the breast pump to be comfortable for mother. A good breast pump should take care of all these things which can make breastfeeding painful for mothers.

  • Sit Comfortably While You Pump

    First thing to keep in mind is that breast pump should be easy to use. It could be used easily when you are sitting without leaning forward. It should allow the milk to flow into the bottle with making mother uncomfortable. In this way mother will produce quantity of milk with more nutrients in it causing positive impact on their child.

  • Easy Assembly and Three Operating Modes

    The next important thing to consider is that breast pump should be easy to assemble and should be able to modify accordingly. Pump should be light in weight, easy to carry. It’s design should not be tricky. It should work automatically. Once you plug in the device it should start stimulation of the breast. User should be able to set the pump according to her own convenience.

  • Massage Cushion Stimulates Milk Flow

    The third important thing to consider is that pump should give a massage through a cushion which will stimulate the flow of a milk. It will work in such a way as your baby is sucking which in turn stimulate the flow. Pumping will become easy and comfortable.

    Cushion is reliable to mother. They are available in different sizes.

  • Comes with Natural Nipple and Natural Bottle

    Breast pump should not waste milk. It should contain bottles that has nipple making it easy to use. Your baby will become comfortable with that bottle easily.

  • Compact, Portable Design

    Pump should be long lasting and portable. It should be easy to use. Breast pumps with bundle of tubes are very irritating and difficult to use by mothers. So it should be light in weight with compact design. It should make pumping easy and fast.

  • Continue Breastfeeding, Even On the Go

    The breast pump should make your life easy. It should be compatible with other parts of the pump. Like bottle for the storage of milk for later use. It should be easy to clean as well. The parts of pump like bottle and tubes which are actually non electric parts can be cleaned through water easily.

  • BPA Free and Sanitary

    Breast pump should be hygienic. It should not let anything mixed with the milk through tubes. All the parts of the pump like tubes, nipple, bottles and cushion should be clean and BPA free.


  • Works faster increases milk quantity
  • Protect the breast, comfortably used
  • Give massage through cushions
  • Stimulate the flow


  • Suction is not very good
  • Electrical system is very slow

Who Should Buy

For additional pumping breast pump of Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort is the more appropriate choice. So the mothers who want to store the milk for later use can use it. Those mothers who want to save time and want to go to the work early should use this breast pump. Those mothers who found breastfeeding as a painful experience should use this pump as it is more comfortable. Also the mother who are tired of tricky methods of using breast pump can rely on Philips AVENT. It will not waste your money.


For the mothers who want comfortable, easy and fast pumping machine Philip Avent Single Electric Pump is the best choice. No need to lean forward while pumping Avent Single Electric Pump will make you feel relax by let you sitting back.

Stimulating the flow of milk is very important it will help the mothers to feed their child without disturbing them or making them uneasy. For that purpose massage cushion is attached to the pump. It is easily portable and long lasting. It’s most important feature is that it will allow you to feel relax by sitting comfortably. Its parts can be easily washable or sterilized.