Pinzon Primaloft Hypoallergenic Medium Warmth Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter Review



Investing in a quality comforter can help you better adjust to the changing seasons. When trying to sleep through the cold breeze, it is not enough to have a thermostat and a heater in the bedroom, although they are of prime importance. Good thing comforters and beddings like the Pinzon Primaloft Hypoallergenic Medium Warmth Down Alternative Full/Queen Comforter are available and easy to get hold of. It can be such a hassle to sleep and be interrupted in the middle of the night either by extreme cold or that sweaty sensation due to poor quality comforters, enough to wake you up.

So how can you tell if it’s the right comforter for you? In this review, we will look at the Primaloft’s best features and where it might possibly fall short to help you decide on your purchase.

Important Features and Specs

While this comforter is made up of imported materials, it is manufactured in the USA. Some consumers would usually be concerned where the products that they are interested in come from. The Primaloft went through stringent quality control to guarantee comfort and survived stress tests prior to getting released in the market, for safety reasons as well.

This queen size comforter stretches as wide as 90 x 96 wide, the kind you would happily tuck into bed right in the comfort of your master’s bedroom. It features 400-thread count; with the down filling encased in 100% cotton dobby shell. This means that it is stitched deep enough to secure the down feathers inside.

So this gives you less concerns about your comforter getting uneven simply because of contents gathering too much on one side of the bedding, leaving some parts too thin to even keep you warm when it should.

The fill power found in the medium warmth version of the queen size comforter works well into the construction of the bedding itself. This, plus the box stitching, also allows more air flow that would avoid the cold breeze to seep into the bedding when you should be warm while sleeping. Spacing in between the stitches makes that purpose easier to attain.

Other comforters of this variant are available for you with the end-to-end stitching style. This looks refined compared to the regular box stitching previously pointed out. Also, compared to the regular stitching, this would be easier to machine wash since you don’t have to worry about the the cotton shell getting too far from the filling as it tumbled in the washer.

Of course, health concerns that cause disrupted sleeping patterns are addressed too. Having a hypoallergenic comforter that avoids any down feather filling from slipping through the cracks or sticking out of the cotton shell are guaranteed to be eliminated.

Imagine how many nights would be spared from such an inconvenience because a product passed tests involving your health. Less allergies, better sleeping patterns, peaceful nights. Just great.


  • The lightweight material contributed to better air flow, making it impervious to room temperature.
  • It doesn’t change its temperature regardless of the climate that you live in or your body temperature as you wrap yourself in it.
  • Prior to buying, other options are available depending on the climate or weather conditions.


  • The white down comforters has the same fill power of 550 whether it is light warmth, medium warmth or extra warmth. It can affect airflow and temperature retention in a bad way.
  • It can be too warm occasionally even if you live in Northwestern states where it is not always cold.

Who Should Buy

The lighter ones are highly recommended for folks living in states known for the balmy weather like Florida or Mississippi perhaps. The light warmth variant of comforter caused better air flow meaning the temperature emitted will not be the same as the room temperature.

Comforters varying from medium warmth to extra warmth would be ideal for folks that need less of the heater. Think Chicago and upper Northeastern states that have been enduring the biting winter now. It’s stark cold outside already. Such climate should not affect sleeping patterns indoors in a bad way. Folks that need a remedy for the winter months should have comforters like these.


The stitching and air flow attributes should be considered when picking a comforter that would help you fix your sleeping patterns in case sleeping continuously through the night is an issue. When air flow is constant and free-flowing, it retains less of the temperature that the climate or weather produces, making it warmer for you to use.

Regardless of the room temperature or whether you wrap it around your body, the temperature in the comforter itself should stay the same. And based on product descriptions regarding fill power and stitching specifications from boxed to the end-to-end styles as described the end-to-end stitching features secure the down feather filling to the cotton shell.

This leads to less possibilities of an uneven comforter. But such quality products can only be available for so long. Buy one now while stocks still last.