Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Medium Warmth White Goose Down Full/Queen Comforter Review



A guaranteed luxury – in comfort, quality, and style, the Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Medium Warmth White Goose Down Full/Queen Comforter is one to complete any well-designed bedroom. Despite the big price tag, it has become quite popular and received lots of good ratings. That means that the advertised comfort of this bedding has been proven true for a lot of buyers. But what does it really offer that made it such a prime product?

In this review, will look not only at its materials, but also at the construction and durability to see if this comforter is worth the price that it’s asking for. It is one of the most popular heavy weight comforters which features 100% cotton and hypoallergenic materials. It offers medium warmth and is available in smaller sizes as well.

Important Features and Specs

The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees features 100% cotton covers, to ensure maximum comfort. It has 600 fill power; with 40 ounces white goose down filling. This is an optimum content to guarantee that the comfort will be fluffy enough to provide warmth and comfort, but not too heavy so as to be too hot, especially on not so cold seasons.

The cotton cover is designed with 400 thread count, with meticulous striped dobby weave for the stitching so it is guaranteed leak proof. That means that the fillings would not be coming out of the bedding’s corners because they are secured and evenly distributed.

This is important because uneven fillings would make the comforter lumpy in certain areas while other parts become flat and hard. The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees is specifically designed to be soft and fluffy, no matter which side you turn to. Now, that is something contribute to a good night’s sleep.

It is available in full or Queen size. The medium warmth means that even if it is big and heavy, it will not generate more heat, if in case the room temperature goes up really high. Unlike other comforters that tend to absorb body heat, this one will just provide a comfortable level of warmth.

However, it may not be ideal for those who live in areas that get freezing cold. This is suitable for those who would like to have a comforter that can be used almost year round. It measures 90 by 96 inches, and comes in bright white, perfect for any room design.

Aside from the intelligent and secure stitching, it is made with a special box construction to keep the fillings in place. It is a patented end-to-end 14-inch baffle box, called the PermaBaffle, which locks the fillings securely in each area. This way, the comforter is not only symmetrically design but also guarantees the same comfort all through the entire spread it takes on your bed.

As one might expect from the price, it is hypoallergenic so it is safe for those with negative reactions to cotton or down. Despite its intricate design, the comforter is machine washable and is safe to be tumble dried. It comes with a pretty expensive price tag but the comfort and durability it offers are premium and would be a great investment for those who really value quality.


  • Doesn’t feel heavy against the body even though it is big and is considered heavy weight comforter
  • Attractive striped design
  • Fluffy and soft, consistently throughout all areas; no lumps or flat spaces in between
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Just the right warmth that both cold hot sleepers would find comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Does not get too warm, not ideal for those in really cold areas but just perfect for typical cold seasons of the year
  • Might not be heavy enough for those who move around a lot when sleeping as they may end up with an unkempt comforter

Who Should Buy

If you really intend to spend good money to invest on good quality bed covers, this one is really worth the extra cash. If you’re not on a budget and you’re after the quality and comfort, this should give you your money’s worth. It is perfect for those with bigger beds and great for sharing, whether you sleep beside a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper.

It is soft and fluffy but it is not heavy so this is great for smaller folks as well. It is not ideal for those who are in freezing cold places that gets really chilly but is suitable for most typical places that go through the normal year round weather changes.


The Pinzon Signature Pyrenees Hypoallergenic Medium Warmth White Goose Down Full/Queen Comforter is one that assures quality and comfort in one product, which really justifies the difference in price. It offers optimum comfort and is guaranteed to last. It is also a practical choice because it will be beneficial for a long time.