Plastic Baby Bottles vs Glass: Which Type Is Better?


Plastic has a bad reputation, but why is it a common material for baby bottles? On the other hand, glass is highly recommended despite its fragility. To ensure that you’ll make the right choice, let’s compare plastic baby bottles vs glass.

Plastic baby bottles are more durable

It goes without saying that plastic doesn’t break no matter how frequent it falls. This is important since we can’t be too careful all the time.

More importantly, glass usually shatters when it breaks. The broken pieces are very dangerous for babies.

However, the issue with glass baby bottles has a simple solution. You can buy silicone sleeves to lower the odds of broken glass. These innovative covers can strengthen your grip and contain the glass in case it shatters.

So, in a way, glass bottles are still better despite the durability of plastic. Just be patient in looking for silicone sleeves because they’re quite rare in stores.

Glass baby bottles are safer for your baby’s health

Sure, BPA-free plastics are everywhere right now, but glass will always be more sanitary. According to WebMD, glass doesn’t contain chemicals. Plastic, on the other hand, still needs to pass a lot of standards just to prove that it’s safe.

Since glass is technically non-toxic, you may sterilize it in steam or hot water. Just never wash it with cold water afterward to avoid cracking the bottle.

On the other hand, plastic should never be in boiling water. A little bit of warmth is all it needs.

In Conclusion

We’re finally done with the pros and cons of plastic baby bottles vs glass. Plastic simply aces durability but not safety. Meanwhile,┬áthe only hazardous thing about glass is how fragile it is.