How to Play Chess Well


Chess is an all-time favorite board game. However, knowing the role and movement of each piece is not enough to win consistently. There are certain tricks you need to learn to be an advanced chess player. So, we are here to give you tips on how to play chess well:

Know everything about each piece.

Aside from remembering the movement of all chess pieces, you should also know certain tricks to effectively play each one of them.

Let’s say that you already know all the basics. The following are special tricks to bring the best out of some pieces:

  • Queen

    The Queen is better as a support piece than an initiator. It is best as a followup for another piece’s strategic move since it has a wide range of movement.

  • Knight

    When it comes to surprise attacks, you need the Knight. Because of its unique “L” movement, you can easily confuse your opponent. Knights are very unpredictable.

  • Bishop

    As the game progresses, you will notice that the board becomes more and more spacious. Take advantage of that using the Bishop. This piece can go from one corner to another. It can also move like a pawn, just single steps. Its versatility is almost the same level as the Queen. Just like the Knight, the Bishop can be unpredictable, too. Some players are leaving them in a corner for a long time until an important piece stands its path.

  • Rook

    Rooks are the complete opposite of Bishops but still as versatile as the other. Rooks move in a straight line while Bishops have a diagonal path. Both are useful in open spaces and surprise attacks.

  • Pawn

    Maximize the use of pawns by baiting essential pieces. These underdogs can easily trap an opponent piece. Since there are more pawns than special pieces, do not hesitate to sacrifice one when deemed necessary. However, do not move too many pawns for you will just make your side vulnerable later on. Early in the game, you should start planning about your pawns’ moves to successfully trap important opponent pieces.

Mingle with other chess enthusiasts.

The best way to find other chess-lovers is by joining the club – literally. If you are still a student, you are lucky for your school probably has its own chess club. Unfortunately, if you are not a student anymore, you would have a more difficult time looking for a group of chess players. Good thing that the Internet can provide any information relevant to your search for a local chess club.

You can only improve your chess skills if you are free to express your interest and goals relevant to this type of board game. Besides, you need various advanced players to challenge and teach you different tricks. Sometimes, the only way to make these possible is by being a member of a chess club.

Practice different styles of playing.

There are so many styles in playing chess. In fact, some players are outright aggressive while some are passive or defensive. When a player chooses to go all out, he has to be smart in attacking and sacrificing pieces. Meanwhile, passive-defensive players may seem relaxed at first but they are actually building a position that can allow them continuous attacks further in the game. It is best to master several techniques so you can easily counter your opponent’s specific style.

Beat the best chess player you know.

If you come across a person who is really good at chess, play with him again and again until you have your own victory. It is possible though that you will never defeat this player in the near future. However, you will surely learn a lot. Study his moves closely so you can use some techniques against other opponents.

Study Grandmasters.

Amazingly, there are actual Grandmasters in the world of chess. This title exists to acknowledge the best chess players all over the world. Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) or World Chess Federation has the current authority to give a person the Grandmaster title.

Some of the early Grandmasters were Jacques Mieses from England, Géza Maróczy from Hungary, and Ossip Bernstein from France. Meanwhile, three of the most recent ones are Haik M. Martirosyan from Armenia, Aryan Chopra from India, and Awonder Liang from the United States.

There are more than 1,500 Grandmasters as of 2017, so feel free to collect techniques from these gods of chess. You may read books or watch documentaries about them. You can also watch their live games online.

Read books about chess.

Obviously, there are a lot of books that can teach you chess tricks to guarantee a big win. Three books caught our attention. First, the classic Max Euwe book titled “Judgement and Planning in Chess” teaches you how to examine a position by evaluating factors such as space and endgame advantages as well as possible combinations.

Speaking of endgame advantage, there is an ideal book for that. Irving Chernev’s “Practical Chess Endings” includes 300 endgames that have a simple start but a complicated finish.

For beginners, take it from a pro like Bobby Fischer. Another classic book called “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess” contains tricks and techniques that can easily be understood by novices.

Play chess on your phone.

Just because you are away from your chess board does not mean that you have to pause your training. Thanks to today’s technology, dozens of good chess apps are available for all models of iPhones and Android smartphones to entertain and, at the same time, make you practice your techniques. You can easily use your free time to sharpen your mind in playing chess.

Join tournaments.

Be bold and join local chess tournaments even if you are still developing your skills. Do not be embarrassed if you lose early in the event. Besides, it is possible that you can win some games unconsciously. In case of surprise wins, make sure to remember your techniques. Sometimes, a great chess player is self-taught.

How to Play Chess Well

Basically, in learning how to play chess well, you really have to focus on studying techniques and tricks from experts. It does not matter whether you are just going to read a book, watch a video, or actually play with a real pro. What’s important is you get to learn various styles so you can defeat any opponent. More importantly – practice a lot!