How to Prevent Cakey Foundation


Applying foundation on your face is supposed to make your skin look smoother. So, if there are rough sections, it loses its purpose. To prevent this embarrassing mistake, learn how to prevent cakey foundation.

The key here is to moisturize your skin. According to Teen Vogue, a foundation can easily emphasize dry spots. That’s the main reason why there’s such a thing called a “cakey” finish.

However, moisturizing your skin isn’t the only essential step here. You should also do the following:

  • Spray rosewater mist before and after application to keep the foundation on your skin.
  • Spread liquid foundation with a blush brush for a more natural look (make sure to clean the brush afterward).
  • Only apply foundation on your face’s central points as well as areas you need to conceal.
  • Blend the foundation thoroughly toward your hairline and cheeks.
  • Remove excess foundation from your skin with oil blotting sheets.
  • Set the foundation by applying translucent loose powder lightly.

In Conclusion

To be honest, there’s nothing new about the aforementioned tips on how to prevent cakey foundation. You just need to moisturize your skin and apply the product properly.

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