Proper Way to Weigh Yourself


Achieving your health or fitness goals isn’t just about physical activity and healthy diet. It also depends on how well you monitor your weight so you can make significant progress. Luckily for you, we’re going to reveal the proper way to weigh yourself.

According to a certified personal trainer, wearing different clothes every time you weigh yourself can affect your monitoring. So, aside from the usual tips like standing still on a weighing scale, it is also highly recommended to weigh yourself while fully naked.

That’s one of the reasons why it’s practical to check your weight in the bathroom first thing in the morning. When you strip off your clothes to take a shower, you can just stand on the scale immediately.

In Conclusion

The proper way to weigh yourself is by standing still on a scale without wearing anything. You may also wear underwear if you want. It turns out that clothes may have an effect on your weekly monitoring.

If you’re planning to weigh yourself every day, we should stop you right there. Find out the disadvantages of daily monitoring.

Meanwhile, we also have facts regarding the worst time to check your weight. The answers may surprise you.

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