Should I Pump or Breastfeed


Among all kinds of milk mother’s milk provide all the nutrition to your baby. It is very important for the growth of your baby. You can store the milk in the bottle for future use when breastfeeding is not possible. Most of the mothers choose the way of offering milk through bottles due to many reasons.

Now if a mother does not want to breastfeed her baby directly she can choose other means to provide breast milk to her baby for a longer period of time. Breast milk is full of nutrients and provides strength to babies especially those who are weak. Breast milk is a gift of God it has extraordinary strength than other kinds of milk. There is no alternative for breast milk. Breastfeeding is a way to deliver breast milk to the baby.

Our body produces antibodies that are proteins in nature and produces as a result of alien, for example, microorganisms like bacteria and viruses. When a mother has physical contact with her baby, she produces antibodies to germs.

When a mother breastfeeds her baby in a normal way than due to the secretions from her baby’s mouth her body got exposure to new germs.  As a result, her body produces antibodies which are transferred to her baby also. Whereas, if a mother pumps her breast milk in a bottle, no antibodies will be produced against germs that are dangerous in nature and are everywhere around him.

Breastfeeding has numerous benefits. It makes your baby’s bones strong. It makes the jaws of your baby strong. It makes his teeth strong by increasing the calcium coating around them. It makes the facial bones of your baby tough. Breast milk will help your baby to improve his speech.

Longer the hours of breastfeeding the smaller the risk of treatments like braces. It decreases the risk of uneven alignment of teeth of your baby. Whereas during bottle feeding your baby moves his tongue at different angles then breastfeeding which affects the growth of the oral tissues of your baby. When a baby sucks the nipples of a bottle his shape of jaws gets affected.

When your baby is hungry and shows signs of hunger, the production of milk will be according to the baby’s level of hunger. Initially, mothers try to express using hand milking and they produce according to how much they can get through their hands. In some mothers using pumps in removing breast milk is not very effective. If milk production is in excess it will be removed through the pump easily.

Bottle feeding requires more time than breastfeeding. In bottle feeding mothers have to wash the accessories and replace the parts of the kit for which they have to go to the market. Mothers have to give more time in expressing milk. They will have to clean the bottle again and again which is time-consuming.

Whereas this time should be spent with their baby by playing with him and loving them. In bottle feeding mothers need to first prepare the bottles to transfer milk whereas, in breastfeeding, they simply put their baby on their breast.

Physical contact with your baby is very important. It keeps him cry less and makes him/her warm. And they can suck easily. Skin to skin contact with a baby makes the bond between mother and baby stronger. It increases the milk production and encourages the mother to perform her duties well. It also helps to release the hormone called oxytocin. Breastfeeding will make this skin to skin contact easy. Whereas in bottle feeding mother will have to find extra time to make their bond stronger.

If a mother is in good mood she will produce more milk. Researchers have been done on this topic and it has been found that those mothers who breastfeed their child are likely to have a good mood, as compare to those who feed their child through the bottle and likely to be in a bad mood. Feeding through bottle increases the tension in the mother. Whereas breastfeeding makes the mother feel relaxed, tension free and stress less.

If you feed your baby through a bottle he will not be able to control the milk intake. In bottle feeding the flow of milk is constant even if the baby is not suckling. As a result, the baby will continue the intake even if he is not hungry anymore. It can make your baby’s stomach upset because the caretaker of your baby encourages your baby to finish the bottle instead of wasting the milk. But in breastfeeding your baby can easily control the milk intake.

Baby will indicate this by giving you satisfying expressions that he/she is not hungry. Researchers have shown that breastfeeding will make your baby confident and self-determined as a growing child. And it will protect him from various harmful diseases like obesity.

Milk inside the bottle is when freezes it decreases the effectiveness of the milk and decreases its nutrients as well. It destroys some microorganisms inside the milk which are very essential for baby. In order to give maximum benefits to your baby from your milk breastfeeding is a better option than bottle feeding.

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