Pure Fitness Inversion Therapy Table Review



The fastest and operative way to upturn space between your vertebrae is inversion therapy. Due to which you can throw out your leg pain, back pain and sciatica pain. People suffering from these severe pains are getting benefits from this therapy since thousand years.

Inversion therapy tables are popular worldwide to get rid of the body pains. Pure fitness inversion therapy table is one among those therapy tables. This table will help you in relaxing your body and you will feel that you are becoming powerful by its regular use. The pure fitness inversion therapy table is designed very carefully and these are compact and sturdy, and are able to give extreme effectiveness and relief to the user.

The pure fitness inversion therapy table is the eventual solution for full body stretching. Its height is adjustable to about 3 feet. It consists of 3-position bench. It is easy to use this table in small space. You can easily fold up this therapy table and store it anywhere.

Important Features and Specifications

Pure fitness inversion therapy table consists of a 3-positionend bench, which can be adjustable according to your needs. Its height is adaptable to accommodate any one. It is designed specifically to release pressure on your back. Your blood circulation will also increase by using this therapy table. It enhances your body stretching and improves your body postures.

It will retain your body in in good physical shape. It also helps you in removing your stress and strains. This inversion therapy table is also used by the physiotherapists for rehabilitation of the persons. This product helps you in elongating your spine.

Height of its legs is adjustable, so that you can adjust them according to your needs for different people. This pure fitness inversion therapy table can also be folded, so it is easy for the user to store this in any small space. You can also place your water bottle in the pure fitness inversion therapy table. This table is accomplished to hold weight up to 220lbs. this table is not very heavy, its weight is about 49.5 lbs. so you can easily move it from one place to another.

It has a steel frame, which is strong and solid. Its bench contains durable padding which increases your comfort. The vinyl used in this therapy table is washable and durable. The pure fitness inversion therapy table also contains two handles to make your use easy, there are also belts, ankle holders, straps and adjustable supports to increase your comfort.

This pure fitness inversion therapy table helps you in managing your back problems and lower body problems also. You can easily operate this product manually.


  • Pure fitness inversion therapy table is very easy to use.
  • You can store it easily in any small space by folding it into parts.
  • It is very quiet in use, it never make any noise while usage.
  • It is very comfortable for use.
  • You can easily adjust its parts.
  • It is available in affordable price.


  • This table is not comfortable due the foot rest of this table, which is slightly fragile.
  • The arrangements of the parts are confusing.

Who Should Buy

The pure fitness inversion therapy table is a best addition for those who are planning to make their own gym. Although we know very well that prevention is better than cure. So it is better to use therapy table instead of taking any high strength medicines.The persons who do different body exertions in their routine, they can relax their body to great extent by buying this therapy table.

If you are suffering from any back ache or any lower body pains, this therapy table is best for you. The persons who are suffering from any complains of stresses, stiffness, strains or depressions can relax themselves by buying this product and having it in their easy access.

The blood pressure patients should also buy it to maintain their blood circulation. If you are suffering any back ache or lower body pains, and you are not able to do any harsh exercise or walk due to any reason this pure fitness inversion therapy table is best thing for you to buy.


The pure fitness inversion therapy table is very good among other inversion therapy tables. It is used to reveal your back aches and lower body pains. It helps to maintain blood circulation and removing stresses and strains. Its usage and storage is very easy. All members can use it, because of its adjustable height.

Its material is very good and long lasting. This is very easy to handle. It is available in affordable price. The persons suffering from backaches, lower pains, any blood circulation problem, any stresses, stiffness or strains should buy this pure fitness inversion therapy table to overcome their problems in easy and affordable ways.