Where to Put Wine Cooler


Can’t get enough of chilled wine? Then, invest in a compact yet high-quality refrigerator designed for the drink itself. But, before you hit the store, know where to put wine cooler in your home for less hassle.

Out of the 10 locations recommended by WineCoolerDirect.com, we selected three areas ideal for most homeowners.

Wine coolers are usually placed in kitchens

Let’s start with the most obvious answer. We can’t help but include it since kitchens are commonly used for entertaining visitors – may it be a small group or a big one. If there’s a wine cooler in your kitchen, you don’t need to leave your guests just to get a bottle.

A wine cooler in the dining room is great for parties

Do you love hosting dinner parties? Instead of the kitchen, why not place the wine cooler right in the dining room? This way, you can keep the conversation alive even while grabbing a bottle from the chiller.

Place a wine cooler in entertainment areas

If not the kitchen and dining room, at least put the wine cooler somewhere fun or relaxing. Ideal locations include basements and dens. Just imagine drinking wine fresh from the cooler while you’re watching TV.

Meanwhile, if you have a mini bar in your home, better! You can drink a cool glass of wine while playing pool or poker with your friends.

However, don’t hesitate to consider your personal preferences. If you love to drink wine while reading or lounging after work, put the chiller near your favorite spot.

In Conclusion

The final decision on where to put wine cooler should depend on your lifestyle. If you always throw parties, consider putting a cooler in your kitchen, dining room, or entertainment areas. On the other hand, if you just want to drink alone most of the time, place the cooler in your den.

If you also like to drink a big glass of brew after a long day, you should buy a convenient beer cooler. As a plus, we have tips on how to store scotch.