Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate Review



If you are looking for pet gates or baby gates then walk-through gate is a very good option for you. The walk through door and fixed panels and are usually made of steel. The lever system is normally easy to unhook and enable the gate to be opened by one hand and mothers can carry their infants and easily walk through it. As the gate construction is of steel so they are strong to keep babies and pets safe.

They come in many sizes with different extensions to get fit in all types of door openings. They are available in variety of styles and colors. You can easily install, operate and then remove these gates from stairs and doors. The Regalo Easy Step is also a walk through gate and it comes in white color. Its budget friendly price and features in conformance to requirement has made it the best walk through gate in the market.

Important Features and Specs

It is very ideal in providing a basic solution of a gate stopping babies and pets and allowing adults to open it with just one hand. Its hassle free installation and simple removing process also allows provides you flexibility to change its positions. The gate can be a gate of 40″ wide doorway passage and there are extensions as well for additional width. The wall mount and pressure mount kits gives more option to you in installing it.

  • Safe and Convenient

    Regalo has given a strong and protective gate for your child and pet. It gets fit strongly with doorways and openings through its pressure mount system. You can fit it any space from 29.5″ width to 40″. The handle is styled to be as a lever so an adult can open it with a bare hand but a child cannot.

  • Secure Pressure Mounts and Sturdy Construction

    It is a very durable and sturdy product as it is made up of only steel. So when you are away from your child you do not need to be worried about as it secures your child in the premises. You just need to fix the 4 secure fit and stable pressure mounts and the gate is ready to use.

  • Certification

    The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association abbreviated as JPMA, has certified the gate as free from PVC. The standards of safety drawn by ASTM, abbreviation of American Society for Testing and Materials, are also met by this walk through gate.

  • Flexible to Fit in Doorways and Staircases

    The height of gate is 31″ and you can install it in any opening ranging from 29.5″ to 34″. The additional 6 inches extension, which comes with the product, allows you to install the gate up to 40″ wide openings. You can also buy additional extensions to increase the width. This flexibility makes it a very good choice to install in hall openings and doorways. Also, if you install 4 wall cups then it can also be operated on the stair top.

  • Convenience through Walk Through

    The handle is made in lever style so you can simply lift it and walk through. This release through a one-touch is very easy for adults but it is a safety lock for babies so they are unable to open it. This lock is also true for pets to reserve them in the area of the home you want.

  • Portable and Lightweight

    It is not only the installation which is easy to perform but it is also the removing of it due to the system of pressure mount. You can also move it around by packing it flat and it would be very easy for you because it is very light weight.

  • Accessories

    It comes with 4 spindle rods which are pressure mounted, 4 wall cups for stair top, one extension kit which is 6″ wide and instruction manual.


  • Limited 90 day warranty
  • Pressure mount system
  • Wall cups for stairs
  • Lever style handle
  • Swings in one direction
  • No additional lock
  • Manual locking


  • Wings in one direction
  • No additional lock
  • Manual locking

Who Should Buy

If you need a baby gate to install at bottom of stairs and you do not need to hardware mount it and your budget is tight then Regalo Easy Step Walk through is for you. It is not only pressure mounted but comes with 4 wall cups; it also very easy and simple to install as well as to remove. Your babies would get tired after pulling it but this gate will not move from its position.


The Regalo Easy Step Walk Through is for all types of gate requirements. You can use it in hallways, doorways, top of stairs, bottom of stairs and in any openings which are up to 40 inches wider. This gate is budget friendly. Its pressure mounts and wall cups allow you to install as well to remove it easily. Its lightweight design and flat packing facility allows you to move it around.