Can A Regular Pressure Cooker Be Used for Canning


If you take a close look at your pressure cooker, you’ll find that it has most gadgets or parts you’d need for canning. It has a rack for holding the jars at the bottom of the cooker and a basket as well. With that, can a regular pressure cooker be used for canning?

A regular pressure cooker isn’t ideal for serious canning

If you’re planning on canning a half-pint or pint jar, your regular pressure cooker can get the job done. You can process your ingredients without the need to invest in another appliance.

However, if you are thinking of canning quart jars, you’ll need pressure cookers that can hold at least 16 quarts. That size can affect your versatility. Apart from that, the said size is just way too big for daily cooking. It can also occupy a bigger space in your kitchen, making it hard for you to fit in other appliances like slow cookers and rice cookers.

It won’t kill as many bacteria

A regular pressure cooker cools quicker since it has less thermal mass. Because of that, you can’t expect it to kill as many bacteria as you will using a bigger canner. Additionally, you can’t expect your canned items to last that long. They will be at risk of spoilage which can compromise the health of anyone who eats your products. With this, it’s important to know the difference between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner before you attempt to do canning.