Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer Review



When it comes to cosmetics, believe it or not, brand names do matter. Between a brand advert featuring top actresses and models and a brand featuring everyday stars; the one exuding more status gets the prize. Cosmetics are all about looking good and no one does this any better than models and actresses.

The Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer comes with a lot of promise to uphold its brand motto of Remington being the ‘styling professional’. Read on to find out what the Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer is all about and whether it lives up to its claims. Here’s a heads up though, the company’s research department has undertaken some serious research for this device; it comes with patent pending technology, that is something you don’t come across every day.

Important Features and Specs

Ceramic Pearl Technology (Patent pending). In the case that you’re wondering what patent pending means; it means this technology is a recent discovery and yet to be attributed to the inventor. The Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer takes ceramic technology a step ahead by infusing the formula with a crushed pearl concentrate. This technology is present in all of the Pearl Collection devices by Remington.

There are products in the market which contain pearl extracts. Now you get this treatment every time you use your hair dryer! The system works like this. When you activate the dryer, the air starts blowing. The hot air reacts with the pearl formula in the ceramic slabs and this energizes the blown air. This air directly interacts with your hair, leaving it silky smooth to the touch. Talk about the perfect salon experience.

Strong Motor. The Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer keeps all aspects in check. Extra features are one thing; durability and exceptional performance are another. A strong motor ensures faster air flow and shorter drying times. This means you can count on this device to get your hair done during the rush hours in the morning. Durability also counts. The motor has a long-lasting life as compared to traditional motors, having up to three times of running power.

Ionic Conditioning. As if the pearl technology wasn’t enough; the Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer doesn’t make waste to the promises made upon it. An ionic conditioner makes sure that your hair is silky smooth, same as a salon like treatment. When ions are blown onto your hair, not only are the chances of frizz reduced but you can also feel your hair straighter and less tangled.

The Ultimate Styling Package. The Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer comes with two add-ons so you don’t fall short on any of your styling needs. A diffuser takes care of the curls and waves whereas a concentrator keeps your hair in place for the straight styles. Check out the next feature if you think these add-ons aren’t enough for your styling needs.

Multi-Mode Operation. The Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer comes with 3 different temperature settings. If you combine these with the two speed settings then you have 6 different modes at your command. With eventual use you’ll learn when to use which combination. The cool shot button is basically a fancy name for zero heat drying operation but it comes in handy as well for when you need to hold a particular style or solution in place.

Ease of Use. It weighs in at less than 2 pounds. You can well imagine how light that is. Barely heavier than a touch tablet. Throw in an ergonomically designed handle and that virtually renders the Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer weightless! The switches are flat and are less prone to being accidently pressed.

Maintenance. The rear filter is removable so that pretty much cut your maintenance woes by half right there. Be sure to clean it periodically as it has been designed to not only filter air but also to reduce noise from the blower.

Quiet Operation. Hair dryers are known to be noisy. Many people have even accepted defeat on this point and taken it as an obvious thing. However the Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer has been designed to emit minimal noise be it high speed operation or low.


  • Ceramic pearl technology surpasses traditional ceramic hair dryers
  • Ionizer technology for reduced static and frizz
  • Ergonomic design and well shaped handle
  • Additional diffuser and concentrator
  • Powerful motor for fast drying and extended working life
  • Multiple operating modes based on two speed and three heat settings apart from cool shot button
  • Excellent company support with 4 year warranty


  • Is known to stop working in half a year’s time. However you can claim warranty and the company replaces the defective product at the earliest
  • No other downsides!

Who Should Buy

The Remington Ac2015 Salon Hair Dryer comes recommended for everyone, almost everyone. With excellent features surpassed by even better backend company support; this is one must have device. However it isn’t recommended for extensive use. Personal use is fine but if you buy it for daily salon use on multiple customers then you could be faced with short running life. You can claim warranty but still the issue may persist.


Remington’s Pearl Series does not fail to impress. You can buy this device with your eyes closed. Quite operation, a powerful motor, pearl ceramic technology and an easy to use body; what more could one want!