When to Remove Baby Gates


You can’t have baby gates installed around your home forever. Sooner or later, you have to remove them. If you’re unsure about the right timing, allow us to give you the answer on when to remove baby gates.

Detach the baby gates when your child reaches two years old

At two years old, your baby is more likely open or climb over the gate. That’s because of your child’s enhanced motor skills.

When this happens, the purpose of your baby gates is gone. In fact, leaving baby gates around your house despite a two-year-old toddler might lead to worst-case scenarios. Your child might attempt to climb over the gate, resulting in a horrible fall because of the height.

Remove the baby gates once your child knows how to pass through

Unfortunately, some younger babies are already too cunning to pass through the gates. You really have to monitor your child’s movements. Detach the gates immediately once you see your baby’s attempts.

What if you have another baby in your household? Obviously, you can’t just take down the gates. Based on Daily Mail Online‘s tips, the alternative is to buy a gate without gaps or notches to prevent climbing babies.

In Conclusion

It is crucial to know when to remove baby gates to prevent accidents. The general tip is to remove them when your baby reaches two years old. However, it could be earlier than that if your child already knows how to climb rails.

For more information about baby gates, learn the safety regulations regarding quality.