How to Remove Scratches on Glass


Whether it’s your favorite coffee table or the window in your office, glass scratches can be annoying. And you know what’s worse?

Replacing the glass could be an expensive ordeal and it’s worse if you cannot find the compatible glass that it originally came with. Well, no need to worry because there are easy fixes you can do at home with just a few materials.

Cleaning Glass Without Streaks

Before we look at how to remove scratches on glass, let us look at some tips on cleaning them without the streaks. That can be a pain to achieve, how much more the scratches. So, before you deal with those scratches, make sure that your glass is streak-free.

Often times when you spray and wipe, it leaves a mess and your glass could look cloudier than before you cleaned it. This applies to windows, mirrors, and coffee tables as well.

  • Vinegar

    Chances are you already have vinegar in your kitchen so you only need to get some of that to clean your glass before you remove scratches on glass. Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner and has so many other uses. It’s cheap and is a great alternative for other expensive glass cleaners.

    Create a vinegar water solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar. Spray or wipe it on the glass that you want to clean and it will have less streak than using heavy soaps. It would have some smell for a bit so it may not be the best if you’re sensitive to this smell.

  • Use Less Suds

    If you have a very dirty window or table, you might not be able to avoid using soap. The best thing you can do is to minimize the suds. They will leave your glass full of streaks. If you add soap to the solution, go easy on the suds. You wouldn’t need too much soap to get rid of the dirt. If you use too much soap, you may have an overly dense solution and it will leave a streaky residue on your glass.

  • Do Not Use Paper Towels

    Whatever you do, before you remove scratches on glass, when cleaning the glass do not use paper towels. It leaves not only streaks but linty ones. Instead of using paper towels, use a microfiber cloth, a squeegee, or you can also use some newspapers. But make sure to wear gloves if you decide to use newspaper. The ink might run on your hands.

  • Buffing

    After you clean the glass before you remove scratches on glass, you can do a little buffing to make it look perfect. Finish the job with a quick buff. With a chamois or microfiber cloth, buff over the glass when you’re finished cleaning. You need to make sure that it’s dry. This will remove any streak that might still be left.

Of course, it’s important to keep your glass clean so you don’t have to do deep cleaning as often.

How to Remove Scratches on Glass

Now that you know how to keep your glass clean and streak free, let us remove those pesky scratches once and for all.

  • Toothpaste

    Your good old tube of toothpaste offers an easy and economical way to fix and smoothen scratches on glass whether it’s a window pane, shower wall or your glass table top. After thoroughly cleaning the glass following the tips above, dry the surface and apply a dot of white non-gel toothpaste on a damp cloth. It’s better if the toothpaste contains baking soda. Use small, circular motions to rub the paste onto the scratch for about 30 seconds. Wipe off the excess toothpaste with a cloth. Check if the scratch has improved.

    Reapply the paste as many times as you need to minimize the scratch. Then use a damp cloth to clean off any residual paste and restore the glass’ natural sheen.

  • Nail Polish

    For scratches that need a more controlled application, you can use your bottle of clear nail polish to bring your glass back to its beauty and remove scratches on glass. It has potent ingredients that can diminish flaws on glass without damaging it. Use the nail polish applicator brush to spread a thin layer of polish on the scratch. The clear polish will fill the grooves and dissipate visible dings. Allow it to dry for an hour to cure over the glass. Wipe it with a clean dry cloth that has been dipped in a nail polish remover to dissolve the nail polish that’s left behind the surface.

  • Metal Polish

    Surprisingly, you can also use metal polish to make your glass scratch-free. Softly sand and brush the glass with a bit of metal polish to remove scratches on glass. You need to make sure to clean the area first and wipe it dry to remove any dust or debris that could damage the surface. Apply the metal polish with a cotton ball or clean cloth and gently rub it on the scratch with a circular motion. Wipe it with a clean damp cloth to remove any remaining solution. This will reveal a smooth glass that looks new.

    You must avoid any extra application of the polish because it has abrasive qualities that could further damage your glass.

Best Products to Remove Scratches on Glasses

You can also use these products to remove scratches on glass. These are readily available and easy to use.

Polywatch Glass Polish & Scratch Remover Repair Tool

Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

You have a lot of options on how to remove scratches on glass. You just need to find the one that suits you best.

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