How To Renovate Your Home Within Limited Budget?


Every one of us wants to give better looks to our homes, but it seems a bit difficult for the people with limited budget. However, if you wisely use the resources and the money then you can make your own home ideal for living. You can renovate your home within this limited budget even if your house is small.

Here are the few ways of renovating your home within limited budget:

Repaint The Walls With Different Colors

If you want to see your home clean and attractive, then the first thing that you can easily do is the repainting of the walls. That does not cost much and especially if you do it yourself then it will be much better. Cover the furniture and the other items in the home with newspaper or any other plastic sheets. Then begin to repaint the walls. You can also add different colors to the wall. Like if you are repainting the walls of the bedroom then it is better to paint one wall with pink or gray shade and remaining with white color. That will look more elegant.

Replace The Existing Switch Covers With New and Better Ones

After repainting the walls of your house, the best option is to change the switch covers. If you think that the older covers are just dirty and do not need replacement, then you can clean them with the help of a cloth. However, you can also change the entire cover if these are broken. In this way, you can replace the old broken switch covers with new and clean covers.

Buy New Curtains To Give New Touch to the Interior

The next thing that you have to do is to change the curtains off the walls. You can match them according to the color of the walls. In this way, that will give a good and new look to the walls. For that purpose, you can also go for an option to buy the used curtains. These curtains are easily available in the market and that will cost low.

Buy Some Cheap Yet Beautiful Paintings

Visit the market and choose some paintings for your home. You may visit old shops for getting some classic paintings at an affordable price. Hang them on the walls of the bedroom and drawing room. You can use one large picture for a wall or you can also combine four to five small pictures. That will give elegant looks to your wall.

Replace The Existing Rugs With New Rugs Having Different Design and Texture

Change the rugs and the mats of the house. If you have recently purchased them, then wash them. After washing place them at suitable places. If your rugs are torn, then you can cut the torn portions of a rug. You will get a small rug or mat, and it is ideal to be placed in front of bathrooms and kitchens.

Buy Indoor Plants To Give a New Touch to Home

Indoor plants are the best option to revamp the home within limited budget. These indoor plants enhance the beauty of the rooms in a better way. You can put the pots of the indoor plants like a palm in rooms, terrace and living rooms. You can also replace your pots with sophisticated ceramic pots that will enhance the prettiness of the house more.

Hang The Mirrors

Mirrors are also a best option to improve the beauty of the house. You can hang them on the walls in an opposite direction. That gives an impression of a large room. Mirrors also reflect the lights in a better way. Even you can also hang them at those places that are above the level of your eye.

Add The New Electric Lights

Add some new lights in your home especially in living room area. In this case, you need soft colors of light like blue and yellow in the living room and bedroom. However, you need dark and bright lights like blue in study room area. Try to add more and more lights in your home and for that purpose, you can use the large lamps. Place these large lamps in living room and at the sides of the entrance door.

Polish The Furniture

You can buy new furniture, but remember that should not put more burdens on your budget. If you do not want to purchase it, then you can use your existing furniture for the renovation of the home. Polish this furniture and change the setting of this furniture. That will give a new look to the entire house. If there are scratches on your furniture, then you can remove these scratches by applying a mixture of vinegar and olive oil.

Recycle The Unused Stuff

There are plenty of things in our houses that are idle and we can make them useful by recycling. Find all those items in your home that you can use recycled. Convert them into useful stuff and increase the beauty of your house. Like you can use the old culinary items in plant pots, shoe boxes in a jewelry box, and even milk containers in light globes. All that needs practice and guide to make them useful. After that, you can get a lot of benefits from these items to renovate your home.


A renovation is not always costly. You can give a better look to your home by adding small things like mirrors, decoration pieces, candles etc.