How to Repair Cordless Drill


A common reason why cordless drills become useless is battery malfunction. After all, batteries literally give them the power to work. To learn the basics of resolving this problem, we’re going to teach you how to repair cordless drill.

First off, you should prepare the necessary┬ámaterials first. According to Instructables, you’ll only need an electrical tape, screwdriver, and the right type of transformer for your cordless drill.

After you gather the materials, proceed to the following procedures:

  1. Remove the screws to open your cordless drill.
  2. Cut the wire between the trigger and the battery terminals (closer to the terminals).
  3. Strip an inch off of the wire with a wire stripper.
  4. Cut two wires on your transformer (if there’s a circular plug).
  5. Strip the end of the wires connected to the transformer.
  6. Connect the wire strands by twisting them together.
  7. Form an X out of the stripped wires.
  8. Bend the top wire back and then downward to make an upside-down L.
  9. Bend the other wire forward and then downward.
  10. Twist the wire around the first one to form an M.
  11. Twist the two spliced wires at the same time (one is clockwise while the other is counterclockwise) with your hands toward the insulation.
  12. Finish the twist with needle-nose pliers.
  13. Cover the exposed metal of each wire with an electrical tape.
  14. Tape the two wires together.
  15. Reattach the screws to close the cordless drill.
  16. Test the cordless drill by drilling something.

In Conclusion

Learning how to repair cordless drill may take some time if you’re a novice electrician. It involves a lot of wiring modifications, so be careful.

The bit of your cordless drill may pose problems, too. To avoid possible issues with this drill attachment, find out how to remove a broken bit. You might also want to learn how to sharpen it and determine its size without a reference.