How to Repair Rice Cooker Thermostat


Your rice cooker makes some of your work in the kitchen a lot easier. After all, it can cook more than just rice. However, with frequent use, the appliance can also experience some problems. When it suddenly stops heating, here’s how to repair rice cooker thermostat.

  1. Start by removing the screws that hold the bottom lid in place. There should be one holding the bottom lid and two screws holding the leg.
  2. Then, remove the stop ring from the unit’s switch lever and remove the thermostat rod.
  3. Stretch the 3 tabs keeping the body holder in place.
  4. Now that you’ve taken the thermostat and thermostat rod out, you need to replace the thermostat with a new one.
  5. After securing the new part in place, test the rice cooker by boiling water.

Note: You can’t technically repair the actual thermostat. In most cases, a broken thermostat requires replacement.

For more tips on how to repair rice cooker thermostat, here’s a quick video you can check out:

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