How to Repair Scratched Glasses


It’s important to keep your prescription glasses clean and scratch-free. This is how you see the world with a clear vision. But sometimes, scratches are unavoidable and it could be expensive to have your glasses professionally repaired. It’s even more expensive to replace them.

There are a few ways to repair scratched glasses but you have to be careful. You wouldn’t want to remove the prescription from them as you clear the scratches.

These home remedies can easily remove scratches from your glasses. You only need a few items that you may already have and some that you can easily purchase from a store.

Scratch Warranty

Before doing anything, it’s best to check back on when you purchased your glasses and see if it came with a scratch warranty. If you have this type of warranty on your prescription glasses, you might not have to do anything on your own at all. Simply bring your glasses to where you have them made and you may be able to ask them to remake the lenses at no cost. If the scratches are severe, your doctor might prescribe replacement lenses. If you’ve had the glasses for a while, it might be time to get a new prescription anyway.

What Not to Do

As you search for ways on how to repair scratched glasses, you may come across some videos or articles telling you to use certain home or ready-made products to remove the scratches. Do not trust all of them. Some chemicals could ruin the prescription on your glasses and make them worse. You will also shorten your glasses’ life.

Here are some of the things you should never ever do to repair scratched glasses.

  • Vinegar and Window Cleaner

    Remember, we are talking about what not to do so please do not use vinegar or window cleaners on your glasses. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent and it can help make your house sparkle. Unfortunately, it can damage your lenses. Do not use window cleaners as well or solutions with ammonia, especially if your glasses are designed with anti-reflective coating. These will break the coating and eventually destroy your glasses.

  • Lemon

    You should avoid cleaning your glasses with lemon juice at all cost. The acids in lemons can strip away the coating as well as the prescription on your glasses. You may be able to remove the scratch and make them look brand new but they will be pretty useless.

  • Wipe Them Off Your Shirt

    A lot of people are guilty of this but this is the worst way to clean your glasses. It will definitely not help repair scratched glasses. It may be a quick fix when your glasses have smudges and scratches on them but doing this can significantly damage your lenses. Shirts contain dust along with other particles that could easily scratch your glasses.

Ways to Repair Scratched Glasses

Now that you know what not to do to remove scratches on your prescription glasses, you’re ready to give some of the more effective ways a try.

Here are the best ways you can repair scratched glasses on your own.

For furniture and other glass surfaces, here is how to remove scratches on glass. Some of the tools you will need to repair scratched glasses can also be used to clean your computer screen. Take note that these steps to repair scratched glasses will not be the same if you need to do some repairs on your sunglasses.

  • Baking Soda

    Make a paste with baking soda to repair scratched glasses. This has been used for years and is an effective way to fix scratches on lenses. First, clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth. Then, rub a thick paste made of water and baking soda in a circular motion onto the lenses. Do not rub hard on the surface. Do it very gently so as not to damage the prescription on your glasses.

  • Cleaning Tissues

    There are cleaning tissues you can easily buy online or from eyeglasses store to help repair scratched glasses. These are individually packaged lens wipes. They are damp inside the packets but when you wipe them onto your lenses, they dry pretty quickly. No need to wipe out the wet layer after. Simply swipe the wet wipes on both sides of your glasses and up onto the nose bridge and pads. Do not use ordinary wet wipes on your glasses because they do not have the same effects. After using the lens wipe, it will dry and become a cloth. Use it to remove any residue.

  • Deep Clean Machine

    If your glasses have gone through a lot and really have serious scratches, they might need a deep clean. You may want to invest in a deep cleaning machine so you can give your prescription glasses a deep clean periodically. You will be able to keep your glasses for a longer period of time and save on costs with maintenance and consultancy fees.

Taking Care of Your Glasses

Of course, it’s better to avoid scratches than to have to repair scratched glasses often. If you know how to take care of your prescription glasses, you can avoid the hassle of having to remove scratches on the lenses and save on repair and replacement costs.

Only use microfiber cloths to wipe away smudges from your glasses. This will allow you to safely clean your eyeglasses without streaks. Using ordinary cloth could scratch your glasses and just spread more dust.

Ultimately, be careful not to drop your glasses or bump them into things.

Products to Remove Scratches

Here are some products, including some mentioned above, that will help you repair scratched glasses.

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