When to Replace Yoga Mat


Thinking about buying a new yoga mat? Before you hit the store, try to consider the possibility that everything’s still A-OK. Stay with us as we reveal when to replace yoga mat.

According to Cosmopolitan, the quality of yoga mats can last for five years. However, that’s just their maximum lifespan. In addition, if yours is made of cheap materials and has undergone heavy use, you might have to change it after a few months.

Now that we’ve established that yoga mats eventually wear out sooner or later, how can you tell that it’s time to buy a new one?

The answer is simple. Just check for signs of flaking and “sinkholes.”

Flaking refers to the condition wherein tiny bits are gradually coming off the mat’s surface. The flakes usually stick on the user’s body or scatter all over the floor.

Meanwhile, the sinkholes we’re talking about are the deeper sections of the surface that won’t bounce back anymore. They’re usually located in areas where you typically place your hands and feet. An uneven surface generally has weaker support.

In Conclusion

You’ll know for sure when to replace yoga mat if it starts to flake or have uneven sections. If you’re lucky enough not to witness these signs, you may look for something brand-new five years after your last purchase.

When the time comes that you have to buy a new yoga mat, what’s the ideal length for your comfort?

To prolong your yoga mat’s lifespan, learn how to fold and clean it correctly.