Can You Reuse Baby Bottles for Second Baby


Babies grow up fast, so it seems impractical to just stop using their bottles after a few years. Now, when you think about it, letting your next baby use your firstborn’s bottles sounds smart. But, first, let’s make sure – can you reuse baby bottles for second baby?

Good news – you can!

As long as the bottle is made of high-quality materials like BPA-free plastic and glass, there’s no need for you to worry. However, according to SheKnows, there are two conditions to keep the idea safe for babies.

Replace the nipple

In fact, this is applicable even if your child doesn’t have a sibling yet. The rule of thumb is to replace the bottle’s nipple as your baby grows older.

All the more reason to apply this precaution if you have a second baby.

Just make sure you’ll buy the right nipple size to ensure a perfect fit. You don’t want to waste precious milk due to leakage.

Look for imperfections

Once you notice strange marks on theĀ bottle, you should buy new ones for your next baby. Common signs of wear include scratches and dents. For glass bottles, watch out for slight cracks.

In addition, if the bottle is yellowish or cloudy already, discard it. Don’t feel bad about it; at least it has served its purpose.

In Conclusion

Can you reuse baby bottles for second baby?

No problem! Go ahead and use those bottles again for another bundle of joy in your family. However, don’t forget to replace the nipple and search for signs of wear.