Can You Reuse Breast Milk Storage Bags


If you’re thinking about using that milk bag one more time, then you better pay attention to what we’re about to say. Can you reuse breast milk storage bags?

Sadly, it’s a big NO. Breast milk storage bags are meant to be disposable. A responsible mother will never risk her baby’s life just to save a few bucks.

Breast milk must be stored in a sterilized container.

Storage bags made to hold breast milk for days or months already have a sterilized interior. That’s great, sure. However, the interior will be obviously contaminated with microorganisms once you start pouring breast milk in it.

That means when you’re going to pour another batch of fresh breast milk in a used bag, it is not safe anymore because of the contaminated interior. In addition, we can’t stress this enough – it’s impossible to sterilize a storage bag!

Breast milk storage bags aren’t durable enough.

The most reliable way to store breast milk is the freezer method. We can guarantee that the milk will last for several months – even up to a year!

Now, to feed your baby with stored breast milk, you should thaw the frozen bag. The result of thawing is a worn-out storage bag prone to tears and leaks. It goes without saying that you can’t use this again.

In Conclusion

Can you reuse breast milk storage bags?

For the sake of your baby’s health, never EVER use a breast milk storage bag more than once. If you really want something reusable, then use the right type of baby bottle.