Reversible Down Alternative Comforter Set by Exceptional Sheets, Twin, Royal Blue/Light Blue Review



Available in warm shades of blue, the Reversible Down Alternative Comforter by Exceptional Sheets is as reliable and aesthetically appealing as any comforter would be as a great addition to your place of slumber. Notice how most of the comforters sold online and in shops are available in white? It is because generic colors are easier to market.

Today, manufacturers have come up with more options, especially since warmer colors such as blue are said to be more sleep inducing. Blue is a versatile color for rooms that have a neutral shade. But how much comfort does it add on the bed more than the ambiance? Let us take a look at its look and feel, and what customers have observed so far.

Important Features and Specs

You can pick between royal blue, if you like colors rich and warm, and light blue, if you like lighter shades to complement the fluffy feel of the comforter. If you think you will have a hard time choosing between the two, then try them in turns because you can have both shades as this comforter is reversible anyway.

This comforter is available in 100% polyester, containing down feathers to ensure a soft and fluffy feel, and provide warmth during the cold nights. While most comforters rely on cotton for a soft feel towards the skin, polyester is the viable alternative, which is also very durable.

Polyester lets the air out from the comforter, so it generates only the amount of heat that you need, depending on the temperature of your body. When air flows freely in the comforter itself, the outside temperature is not absorbed inside, so there is no risk of it being overly warm so as to cause discomfort or other health problems.

Hypo-allergenic attributes in comforters apply in polyester too. The poly fiber fill, ensures a sound sleep. It prevents stray feathers or filling to stick out of the bedding in the middle of the night to disrupt your sleep. Wise buyers try to look for down filling, as much as possible, if they can avoid the foam-based comforters. Most foam fillings thin out easily.

Down filling, on the other hand, proves to be more durable and longer lasting. They also tend to stay in place more, even if you toss all over the bed, as long as they are appropriately stitched to the covers. These technical details seem rival but they are actually very important in choosing a good quality comforter that would promote better sleep.

The best value, for an affordable comforter such as this, is perhaps the anti-microbial finish applied on the beddings. You would want to keep bed bugs and dust mites out of the bedroom as much as possible. No matter how comfortable, fluffy and convenient the materials are on the bedding upon purchase, if the manufacturers did not include substances that repel such critters, your sleep still ends up getting disrupted.

It comes with a reversible pillow upon purchase of the set, albeit limited stocks only. It comes at a reasonable price so it would not cost much to try these out on your bed and see if you enjoy a much improved deep sleep.


  • Polyester is the best alternative for folks having issues with cotton fiber. It can be allergy or similar issues attributed to this fiber, making polyester a healthy alternative.
  • Polyester is more known as the fabric used in jerseys, making this material a nice touch to sports fans that loved the feel of polyester on their skin even when it’s time to sleep.
  • The reversible features add an aesthetic element to fixing the bed while you are away.
  • The antimicrobial finish helps rid the comforter of dust mites.


  • The thread count is not provided so no parameters or data can be used to anticipate some down feathers sticking out of the bedding.
  • The same lack of thread count data cannot guarantee how durable the stitching possible.
  • The color may not fit other bright shades or colors

Who Should Buy

If you’re looking for an alternative to cotton, this is a practical choice that is also stylish, in its warm blue shades. It is safe for those with allergies and it helps promote better sleep so this is great for people who have trouble sleeping.


The reversible color design makes the comforter extra cozy, in addition to its durable style and intelligent stitching. It is quite basic and comes at a fair price but it offers special features such as the hypoallergenic properties and antimicrobial finish. It will be suitable even in cold weather because of the heat retention, brought by the breathable fibers.

However, it may not be sufficient for those who are in very cold areas.