Revlon 1875 Watt Smoothstay Ceramic Ionic Dryer Review



Hair drying can be such a chore but the Revlon Smoothstay aims to make that a little easier. It is along the line of the more affordable hair dryers in the market but this one offers comfort a notch higher with its ionic and ceramic technologies. – Right, what are those exactly? It is supposed to help you dry your hair faster without hurting your scalp with too much heat. Sounds new? Let’s take a look at what those features really do, if they really work, and how it’s going to help you with your wet hair as you rush to style it before going to work or an important event.

Important Features and Specs

The Revlon Smoothstay dryer uses ceramic elements so the unit heats up faster. Thus, it takes less time for you to dry your hair. It also features Ionic Technology which works by reducing the size of the water droplets on your damp hair and by infusing moisture into the strands. This way, you will dry your hair faster and have smoother results.

It also distributes the heat evenly so you don’t hurt yourself even with high heat. With those two technologies combined, you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair due to long term use.

The Smoothstay dryer comes in an elegant purple and black color combination. It comes WI th a concentrator attachment for easier styling. It is quite light, weighing only 0.2 ounces and easy to grip with its ergonomically designed handle. Its dimensions are 4” x 11” x 9.8” Width, Depth, and Height (WDH). So you won’t strain your muscles even if you’re doing some major styling.

It is very easy to use. It has three heat settings which you can choose from: cool, warm, and hot. And two speed settings: low and high. So you have a lot of styling options and you can simply select by pressing on the rocker switches located on the handle. There is no setup required. The dryer can be used right out of the box. Just remember to plug it in an 1875 Watt outlet. If you want to use it with a 220 voltage, you would have to use a converter.

The concentrator attachment that it comes with it is the not so easy part to use, especially if you’re not very familiar with styling techniques using a hairdryer. Most customers find that they don’t really need it since it is faster to dry your hair without it. But it comes in pretty handy when want to put extra volume to some parts of your hair. If you are interested in styling techniques that involve using it, there are YouTube tutorial videos that you can watch.

As for the speed, it does dry your hair very fast even for those who have long, thick hair. There is one more extra button; the Cold Shot, right below the dryer head. It blows off cool air to help set the style and give your hair a softer and smoother feel. The cord is long enough so it is easy to move around while it is plugged. It is also easy to clean with the removable cap at the back.


  • Fast drying
  • Has lots of power
  • Light and compact
  • Doesn’t cause frizziness
  • Ionic
  • Nicely designed
  • Affordable


  • Not dual voltage; Requires converter for 220 volts
  • Not for heavy duty use
  • Some customers complain of having the unit catch fire after more than 10 months of use; but majority have their hairdryers still working even after a couple of years. So it may just be an issue with a faulty batch. To make sure, just hold on to your warranty

Who Should Buy

The Revlon Smoothstay hair dryer is ideal for personal use, especially for those who have to rush very early to their workplaces every day. It is a fast dryer so it is great for those who have long or thick hair. If you are concerned about your hair being damaged, you don’t have to worry because the Smoothstay uses Ionic Technology which protects your hair from being burnt.

If you like styling your hair differently each time, this would also be a great hairdryer for you because of the included concentrator attachment. You may find it useful when you have special events to go to. Despite that, it is not recommended for commercial use or professional styling that might require heavy duty use.


The Revlon Rvdr5029 1875 Watt Smoothstay Ceramic Ionic Dryer is an affordable hairdryer that offers features a notch higher than other products in its price range. It gives you a lot of styling options with its three heat settings and two speed settings. It uses the innovative Ionic Technology to give your hair a softer and smoother feel after drying, and also protects your hair from being damaged. There are obviously some drawbacks since it comes at a very low price but you definitely get your money’s worth for its features and efficiency.