How to Find the Right Shade of Foundation


Your foundation can either make or break your look. So, don’t just buy the first thing you see. You need to know how to find the right shade of foundation.

The key here is to understand what your skin really needs. This will shorten the time you need in testing different shades.

Without further ado, here’s the basic process on how to test a foundation based on the guidelines of a professional beauty expert.

  1. Know your undertone by checking the color of your veins. Blue means cool undertone, green is warm, and bluish-green is neutral.
  2. Do a followup test by wearing silver and gold jewelry. If you look more attractive with silver accessories, then you’re undertone is cool. On the other hand, gold looks better with a warm undertone. If you like the effect of both metals, you have a neutral skin.
  3. Choose some of the best foundations for your undertone. Cool undertone requires shades like porcelain, rose, and cocoa. Meanwhile, beige, chestnut, tan, golden, and caramel shades are for the warm undertone. Lastly, neutral undertone complements ivory and nude shades.
  4. Apply a bit of every shade on your jawline. The shade that looks the most natural on your skin is obviously the best. If there are no testers, hold the transparent bottle near your jawline and neck.

Of course, the last method isn’t applicable to online purchases. It goes to show that choosing a shade of foundation is easier in physical stores.

Also, remember to compare the shades in a well-lit area. Don’t ever do it in low light.

In Conclusion

Once you have an idea how to find the right shade of foundation, you’ll be able to save yourself from embarrassing makeup fails. Just examine your undertone and compare different shades on your jawline.

For more tips related to this type of makeup, learn how to prevent cakey foundation.

Similar to foundations, concealers are directly applied on the face. So, it’s easy to ruin your look with the wrong shade. If you have dark skin, find out how to choose a good concealer.