Royal Hotel’s Queen Size Down-Comforter 650-Fill-Power 100 % Egyptian-Cotton Shell 300TC – Stripe White Review



Now, you can have hotel quality comforters in your home with the Royal Hotel’s Queen Size Down Comforter. One of the biggest regrets people have when staying in a hotel is the fact that no matter how comfortable the beddings are in your room and no matter how many days you’ve been using them, you can’t take them home.

Those who are fond of hotel quality sheets quad be glad to know that Royal Hotel itself is selling this quality of comforters, and it is of the kind that you would find in their hotels. But let us see how those who have taken them home are finding them so far.

In this review, we will take a look at its best quality and what improvements it still may need for you to find out of this is one you would want on your own bed as well.

Important Features and Specs

Not too warm but not too cold either; it’s what the Royal Hotel queen size down comforter 650 fill power guarantee. It provides medium warmth, so no matter how the seasons change and how unpredictable the weather can be in your area, the temperature provided by this comforter stays constant.

No need to worry about the changing temperatures being absorbed into the bedding, because the comforter will adjust by itself. That means that the warmth and comfort you get is at a constant level all throughout the year. It is designed not to take on the heat or the cold in the surrounding area as compared to ordinary sheets.

The only time that the comforter will absorb temperature is when it comes in contact with your body. This is not such a bad thing because this same body temperature is actually what you need to lull yourself to sleep in the middle of the cold night. A long, continuous, and uninterrupted sleep is important to ensure that you get recharged for the days to come.

The material used to shell the down feathers is guaranteed hypoallergenic. So if you experience sleep interruptions which are commonly caused by allergies, you should definitely choose these types of comforters. It went through a series of stress tests, alongside the substances applied, in order to cater to individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

The box-stitching design applied on the comforter allows better distribution of the down fillings. In this manner, the comforter gets enough heft and thickness, so it’s more effective in warming you up. It also features a Side-Gusset, a special material found inside the comforter exclusive to Royal Hotel Bedding which is ideal to achieve maximum warmth.


  • The closest that you could get to sleeping at Royal Hotel itself; great for those who have been there and would like the same experience at home
  • 100% down filling, nothing synthetic for that authentic warmth and softness
  • Box-stitching; the design helps in preventing the cold breeze to seep in, keeping the bedding warm
  • Usage can take years due to durability
  • Less need for the heater and the thermostat
  • For extra warmth, just add the duvet cover found on the package


  • Usually thin, in contrast to the warmth it can provide
  • Isolated cases of feathers flying out and around the bedding

Who Should Buy

If you want a comforter that is at par with those found in hotels, this is the closest thing you can find in its price range. Not all hotels are willing to sell products that are the same as the ones found in their establishment.

If you have allergies, you don’t have to worry because the materials used are hypoallergenic and also, the way the stitching is designed prevents any harmful elements from getting in your system. It is a little thinner, compared to other comforters with the same auto warmth adjustment quality so it may not be ideal for those who prefer the fluffy type of sheets.

However, if you are more concerned about the warmth than the thickness, then this is a great comforter for you. It features automatic warmth adjustment so you can use it for different climates and seasons.


The Royal Hotel’s Queen Size Down-Comforter 650-Fill-Power 100 % Egyptian-Cotton Shell 300TC – Stripe White may be considered a luxury item by some but the comfort really makes it a practical choice.

Recommending such product is not always easy but it is safe to say that if you have the budget, it is a practical choice in the long run. It is a great way for consumers to have a slice of that hotel experience. It combines comfort, convenience, durability, as much a practicality in terms of long term use.

This is great for all seasons so if you’re buying a comforter for a new home, this is an excellent choice because you can see it for years long after.