Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump Review



The Rumble tuff breast pump easy express is one of the leading breast pumps in the market today. With features like back flow diaphragm, silicone massaging top, and a control dial that allows you to choose according to your wish you can now adjust and eject the milk out without any stress.

It is always a safe option to give your child your own milk rather than other milk substitutes whether they are cows, goats or powdered milk. Because mother’s milk has the right quantity of enzymes, nutrients and antibodies that are essential for the growth and development of the child, breast milk is the best choice.

Hence if you are running late do not opt for milk substitutes, instead buy a breast pump like Rumble Tuff Single Electric Breast Pump and give your child the correct quantity of nutrition it needs.

Features and Specifications

The Rumble tuff single electric breast pump is made up of extremely light weight materials, that allows you easy handling, a powerful motor and control dial, that allows you 28 different options to choose from and a back flow diaphragm that seals the tube off and prevents any amount of milk to go in to the motor.

  • Silicone Cushions

    The silicone cushions help to take the shape of the areola perfectly and soothe any area of engorgement. Especially after child birth when breasts are swollen and breast feeling can be painful and uncomfortable, the silicone cushions helps to provide the needed comfort to the breast making the milk ejection process less hurting.

  • Vacuum Adjuster

    The breast pump has a powerful controller that adjusts the amount of suction strength you want. Some women prefer greater strengths while others find it uncomfortable to work on powerful suction dials. This breast pump gives you the choice to choose among 7 suction strength levels, level 1 being the least powerful and level 7 being the most. This way you are able to get the milk flowing in no time and according to your own will and likeness.

    However some customers have said otherwise that despite having 7 sucking options, the device does not works that greatly and its either too slow or two powerful for their likeness.

  • Milk Expression

    The next exciting feature of this breast pump is the milk expression button. This again has 4 separate settings, 2 for stimulation, that provides adequate massaging to stimulate the glands, and 2 for expression that helps to keep the milk flow. Through this feature again you get the option to choose according to your likes and wishes. Adding that to the 7 suction strengths you now have a total of 28 options to choose from. This gives a vaste range of options as oppose to the regular breast pumps on which you get a pre selected option to work with.

  • LED Display

    Another great thing about the breast pump is the fact that it has a LED light monitor. On the monitor you can see which function is on and how much to keep it working. Through this you can function while working with at the moment and remember it afterwards while shifting it.

  • Light Weight

    The device weighs less than 1 pound making it the lightest breast pump in the market today. This feature allows you to carry it easily as well as hold in place for as long it takes to fill the container without any discomfort or stress on your wrist.

  • Back Flow Diaphragm

    The back flow diaphragm works like a valve that ensures any milk from seeping back to the motor but forwards in to the container. This feature not only helps to keep the motor working for long, keeping it free from any kind of moisture to build on it, but also make sure that no milk stays plugged inside the tubing causing contamination and easy site for microbes to colonize.

  • Battery

    The device works on both AC/DC adapter and rechargeable batteries. Through the adapter you can provide it power when you are at your home or through batteries when you are out. This way it becomes a part of your travelling kit too.


  • Backflow prevention
  • LED display shows you how It is operating
  • 2 expression option
  • 2 stimulation options
  • 7 suckling options
  • Light weight
  • Works on both battery and adapter


  • Some customers say it broke down in few usages
  • Some complained about the suckling capacity

Who Should Buy

If your life is on the run and you are very busy mom but wants to provide your child the best nurturing, then breast pumps are your choice. This specific one gives you 28 options to choose from sucking power to stimulation and expression power. This feature provides you the ability to customize the product according to your will rather than using one that has been designed and preset in a specific manner by the manufacturers.


Light weight, LED display, 28 options, back flow diaphragm all of these and more put this device in good light. However some have complained about the power of the device hence if you have the money and you want to invest in to buying a breast pump then it’s a better option to look out for others that are much well received.