Can You Run A Generator In The Rain


During a thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane or winter storm, powering up your home or office should be easy with a generator. Unfortunately, with such conditions, the process can be dangerous if you’re not extremely careful.

So, can you run a generator in the rain?

The short answer is no. Remember, generators are able to produce such a powerful voltage and using them under wet conditions can spell disasters (read: electrocution and explosion).

About Portable Generators

That is where portable generators come in handy. Some of them are designed to withstand strong storms to a certain extent but then again, it’ll be in your best interest to keep them away from such harsh elements. Also, do not run your generators in your home, garage or shed even if there’s a door or window open for ventilation as the fumes can seep into your home.

Getting exposed to really high levels of carbon monoxide for a long time is bad for your health. It can cause dizziness, headaches, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting.

Always run your generators not less than 15 feet away from your doors or windows. Protect them with spike anchors, plywood, or pop-up canopy to make sure that they stay dry.

You can also invest in a special cover that’ll protect the delicate areas of your generator from getting wet. There are a lot of special covers sold online so be careful when purchasing one. Make sure that it fits your generator and that it can really get the job done.

You can also get a steel enclosure built. It requires professional installation and may cost you a lot of money. It’s not portable as well. So, before you get one built, be sure about where you’ll place it and determine if it is really the solution you need to safely run your generator under the rain.