Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate Review



In the market, you will find several different types of baby gates with each specialized in fulfilling one type of need. Some of them are general gates which are suitable for standardized openings. The specialized gates are useful for uneven openings and at bottom and top of stairways. In this article we will discuss a pressure mount gate which is very durable due to its bamboo construction. Its panels are made from plastic’s recycled version which provides sustainability.

Through its lock and position mechanism, it is opened and closed. It is very portable and can easily be installed and removed from multiple places. The adults can easily step over it as its height is only 24 inches. It can fit to openings from 28 inches to 42 inches.

Important Features and Specs

Safety First’s environmental friendly products have been renowned in the market. Nature Next Bamboo is a new addition to its product line whose features would be discussed in this article.

  • Eco Friendly

    Safety 1st is the only company in industry which provides Eco-friendly restrictions to babies and pets to access some part of the house. It is made from bamboo which is renewable and a very durable material. Its frame panels are made from plastic which are 100% recycled.

  • Design

    This gate is designed to use in doorways very easily. Its width ranges from 28 inches up to 42 inches without extensions. The height of 24 inches is high enough to not allow children and pets to pass. You can easily install it and adjust it because of its pressure mounting system. This is a perfect Eco-conscious gate for safety of your toddlers.

  • Decor

    The bamboo being not only environmental friendly but its tan and black colors complement the decor of your home excellently. It easily blends in your house and a new person might even not be able to take into consideration because it mingles with your house so easily.

  • Durable

    The durability is something on which Safety 1st has spent substantial time when designing this baby gate. If you handle this product, it might seem to you like a simple gate because on continuous use you take durability for granted.

    It is for those people who want to take a gate once rather than buying low price gates every now and then and complaining about them. This is made possible because of the plastic and bamboo construction which a part from being pleasant to human eye is also sturdy.

  • Taller

    The solid and durable bamboo gate also has a sufficient height so the kids who used to destroy the gates of more height than this gate can only get frustrated as the wood stands tall at its place. The height of 24” is just long enough to restrict babies and let the parents pass by.

  • Flexible

    It can easily be carried around from one opening to other because of the easy pressure mounting system. Also, you do not need to worry if your openings are standard as it can fit the uneven openings so it is one size fits all type of gate. It not only gets installed but it does so very easily.


  • Frame is durable
  • 100% recycled plastic panels
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to remove and move around


  • Incompatible with irregular doorways
  • Locking mechanism need to be learned
  • Light color paint will get marked

Who Should Buy

If you have a sliding window and your pet learns how to open it, then this gate is for you as its height will allow it to get installed on a sliding window. In this way, your pet cannot come in your room by opening the sliding window with its paw. So now you can keep the window open and enjoy the weather without worrying about your pet.

Also, if you have a fireplace and you need to block your infants to go in that area, use Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate as its height is ideal in these cases. You can also use it between your bathroom and bedroom so you can keep an eye on your kids. Both your child and bathroom will remain safe now.


The Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo is the answer for you if you want to keep your child at a safe place of your house. The bamboo part from strong and environmentally friendly also complements with your home decor. The recycled plastic is also in color black which makes it more attractive. You can easily use it in any openings between 28 and 42” as long as the height requirement is at least 24”.

The installation is easy and very quick because of pressure mounting system. It also makes it portable as well. When not in use, you can remove it and fold it to a compact size to store at a small place.