Samsung SEW-3037W Wireless Pan Tilt Video Baby Monitor Infrared Night Vision and Zoom, 3.5 inch Review



A good baby monitor is very important for parents since they would like to have reliable appliance for control of baby’s activities. Parenting is a full time job, so finding the best baby monitor is sometimes one of the most important purchases for your newborn baby.

Samsung SEW-3037W baby monitor has crystal clear picture and built in microphone that enables you to have the perfect communication with baby on remote positions. Despite the fact that Samsung is the one of the leading companies in this branch, this product received many negative reviews. If you would like what are very good things about this product, and what are its weakest points continue reading this article.

Important Features and Specs

This baby monitor is equipped with 3.5” high quality full color LCD display that enables users to have a direct transmission from camera with high quality. Samsung is famous for its high resolution of the camera and this baby monitor has VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Due to that, quality of the picture is at a very high level and parents will have crystal clear picture. Additional feature of this product is night vision.

This camera baby monitor has a remote activated night light on the camera which will enable parents to monitor their children even while they are sleeping. Nigh vision uses non-visible IR LEDs with up to 15 ft working range. The basic problem with night vision of this product is the fact it is automatic so every time there is reduced light at its sensors, night vision is turned on even though it is day.

Samsung SEW-3037W uses secure and interference free 2.4” GHz FHSS signal, so there is no need to think about the safety of your family. All data are encrypted and transported in safe version. This frequency should enable parents to have a clear signal without interference with home appliances, or home Wi-Fi network.

Despite this statement, many customers complaints that they had interferences with neighbors baby monitors and due to that they were not satisfied with this one. Each display can be connected with 4 cameras, what is the perfect option with parents with several children.

The additional feature of this product is two-way communication. If you hear that your baby is doing something, with this product you will be able to directly communicate with it although it is in the other room. With this feature you can calm down your baby easily from 900 Ft.

Even though you have a very big house there is no need to think about the coverage of this appliance since it covers the range of 900 Ft. This baby monitor has the possibility of remote pan and tilt which enables you to find your baby even though it changed its position.

Pan option helps you to move the camera left – right, whereas tilt can be used for moving camera up – down. These two options are operated from the parent unit with one button on it. In addition, parents have the possibility to zoom the camera remotely 2x.

This baby monitor has several working modes. The first working mode is Voice Activated Power Saver Mode – VOX (Standby Mode). This working mode is automatically activated when there is no sound effect louder than a certain level for the time longer than a minute.

When this condition is fulfilled, the screen is automatically put in standby mode. As soon as the sound level is higher than the set one, monitor is turned on and baby monitor continues working in the standard more. This appliance has possibility for quiet mode which removes back noise.

Display is remote, and it uses battery whereas camera has to be powered with A/C power. If the battery is low, you will be informed. Display is equipped with a belt clip.


  • VOX
  • 900 Ft working range
  • Remote pan/tilt/zoom
  • Two-way communication
  • Crystal clear picture


  • Interference with other appliances
  • Weak battery
  • Problems with automatic night vision
  • Turns off without a reason

Who Should Buy

This is a perfect choice for parents with young children and babies. This baby monitor can support 4 cameras, so parents with several children can use it for control of their babies. Additionally, it is a perfect for people who need to take care of several places at once, or mothers who need to finish the housework and take care of their children.

Some people who have elderly parents buy this product to take care of them, while many people who want to monitor their houses buy it.


In summary, this is a good product with a strong reputation and many significant features that put it in front of many others. On the other hand, many customers complained about interference with other baby monitors, or home appliances so you should think about this problem if you decide to buy it.