How to Sand Wood with Electric Sander


Electricity-powered sanders are widely considered to be more convenient than traditional ones. However, you should learn proper usage first to guarantee flawless results. Go ahead and check out expert tips on how to sand wood with electric sander.

Let’s start with the preparations.

Your priority is to get your hands on various grades of sandpaper. Since the typical sanding process requires different levels of texture, we suggest buying three variations from the following options:

  • coarse
  • medium
  • fine
  • very fine
  • extra fine
  • super fine

If you got confused, we recommend coarse, medium, and fine because they’re the basic choices. Coarse sandpaper should be used in the beginning while the fine one is for the finishing touches. Medium grit is useful for a smoother transition between the coarse and fine textures.

After wearing protective gear like face shield and safety glasses, proceed to the following steps:

  1. Carefully cut the edges of the sandpaper until it has the same shape as the electric sander‘s base.
  2. Secure the sandpaper with the sander’s clamps.
  3. Turn on the sander.
  4. Sand the surface by going with the grain, not against it.
  5. Change the sandpaper by turning off the sander and opening the clamps.
  6. When you’re done using each sandpaper you prepared, wipe off the particles from the surface with a damp cloth.

In Conclusion

For the sake of efficiency and convenience, learn how to sand wood with electric sander. Don’t forget to move the machine according to the grain’s direction. Going the opposite way will make it impossible for you to make a smooth finish.