How to Sand Wood Faster


Worried about the upcoming deadline for your project? Allow us to help you become more efficient with expert tips on how to sand wood faster.

Luckily for you, it is surprisingly easy to enhance efficiency while sanding wood. All it takes is just a few tricks from start to finish.

The following techniques will let you sand wood quickly:

  • Use two electric sanders at the same time. They should remain side by side throughout the process to avoid skipping some sections.
  • Attach the sander to a vacuum in order to clear the path as you move the device. Dust can affect the sander’s performance because there’s no direct contact between the sandpaper and the surface.
  • With a basic sander, put more pressure as you swiftly move it along the surface.
  • With a random orbit sander, just lightly control it with your hands as you move it slowly (one inch=one second). Pressure and speed will only make additional flaws you have to sand out again because of the swirl marks.

In Conclusion

Using a sander properly isn’t enough to finish your work quickly. You should also learn how to sand wood faster to really guarantee your project’s success on time.

Confused whether to use a belt sander or the disc type? We have all the information you need here.