Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3901) Review



House cleaning is getting revolutionized very faster and new products are coming day by day. In this article as well, we are discussing a new technology that has made cleaning further easy. The good thing is that it not only covers the floor but also walls, ceilings and other corner areas.

The Shark S3901 Professional Steam Pocket Mop comes with a lift-away steamer and a steam control to make cleaning floor and other surface a breeze. It can also be used for steaming the garments and carpet refreshing. It can easily be called a new generation product due to its features explained in detail below.

Important Features and Specs

It sanitizes and cleans deeply all hard and wood-floors to give 99.9% protection against bacteria and germs. The steam head’s quick flip is enough to give as much 2X cleaning, with the help of steam pocket pads which are 2 sided, as compared with other mops. If the cleaning is general like floor then use quick release mop of rectangular shape. If you need to clean hard to reach corners then use mop head of triangular shape.

  • Steamer is Handheld

    The mops can be converted to a handheld steamer with just a button press. You just need to add some attachments which are specialized. This way, you can sanitize and clean ceilings, walls, upholstery and garments.

  • A Few Drawbacks

    It sometime stop working under the warranty period sometimes. The new one in replacement under warranty period also cost you some amount and the new one only has 3 months warranty.

    The capacity of water tank is 300 ml which is considered too less by consumer. Some say they have to fill it 4 times to clean the house and some say it gets used in only 10 minutes. Some users complain they faced difficulty in removing oily and sticky stains and grease from vinyl and ceramic tiles.

  • Steam Control is Intelligent

    Steam Control is a very intelligent device. It comes with 3 different settings namely scrub, dust, and mop. Each one specialized in different types of floor and cleaning. It there is a sturdy stain then select the more steam option, if the cleaning is everyday having every day type dirt then go for less setting. If the floor is very delicate and you only need to dust lightly then go for very light settings.

  • Microfiber Washable

    The dust which is left by other mops is picked in this mop by microfiber lifts and locks. It is also washable. To achieve fast drying outcomes and highest performance level, both the unique sides are engineered.

    Cleans the surface more efficiently as compared with traditional bucket and mops system. The combination of temperature and steam is ideal for cleaning, sanitizing and drying within seconds.

    The cleaning area is twice more than other mops with the help of steam pocket pads on both sides. The general cleaning has a special cleaning head which is rectangular. The carpet and rugs are groomed and freshen through carpet glider. If you need to clean above floor then you can do by handheld steamer

  • What Comes with the Product

    It has a filling flask, three feet accessory hose, attachment and bonnet for garment steam, Steamer for lift-away purpose, two mops heads – one rectangular and the other triangular, and 2 scrub pockets of which one is for rectangular and the other for triangular.


  • The heat up time of steam is only 30 seconds
  • The cleaning can be done in 3 different ways through intelligent steam control
  • The width of cleaning is 12 inches
  • The length of cord is 25 ft.


  • The mop is supposed to stand on its own but it does not.
  • The cloths for cleaning are required to be attached manually

Who Should Buy

Buy this mop if your flooring is tiled and / or wood. Also, if you are fond of garment steam pressing, you can do that as well. But do not use it to clean the carpets. You can only do a light steam on them. If you are looking for a solution to every cleaning problem on floor and above floor then this is for you. With the help of detachable steamer you can even clean shower and sinks.


The mop smoothly glides across hard floors and does not leave behind much water. Its heat up time is very fast and the steam provided on floor is also pretty much high. It is ideal for light routine cleaning.

The heavy stain is something it struggled upon. The cleaning power instead of high steam as well is not able to take out sturdy sticky residue. The tank’s capacity has also disappointed as it does not last more than 10 minutes. So if you have kids and pets that create a lot of mess then this mop is not for you.