Shark Light and Easy TM Steam Mop (S3101) Review



If you want to know about different attributes of Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop S3101 and are interested in getting a glimpse of its pros and cons then you are certainly at the right place. It is a very lightweight steam mop to easily carry it around.

It is also ergonomically structured to make your feel comfortable while using it. It provides steam dispenser working on-demand ensuring that optimum cleaning is obtained easily. This cleaning of household surfaces and floors is free from all the chemical cleaning agents.

Important Features and Specs

The various features of S3101 allow you to make the most from this lightweight steam mop in an easy way.

  • Germ Free Floors

    Clean and sanitize your S3101 through superheated steam which provides 99.9% bacteria and germ free hard and wood floors. The steam is done on automatic basis through the on demand steam technology.

    Microfiber Pad – Washable

    The microfiber pad from Shark is washable and it can lift the dirt or dust or residue and then lock it which other mops are unable to do so. When you are done with cleaning, pad washing is very simple. These pads can easily be detached and then reattach after washing.

  • Designed Very Lightweight

    Cleaning and sanitizing is very easy with Shark’s S3101 as the weight of steam mop is only 3 lbs. You do not need any mop or bucket and you can also dry your floors with it.

    It is not only helpful when cleaning the floor but you can also keep it in a storeroom quite easily. This steam mop is very good for those whose houses are small that needs a lot of moving around for cleaning.

  • Accessories

    It comes with a flask for filling and an all-purpose pad which is washable. It also has a handle which is telescopic so you can easily adjust it as per your height so you do not need to bend your back for cleaning the surface. Not only that, you can adjust it per different heights of different floors.

  • Design With Comfort

    It cleans the floors with least movement due to its comfortable and ergonomic structure. Shark Light & Easy steam mop is very easy to carry around in different rooms and even on stairs. You will not even believe that cleaning of floor so easily and so quickly.

  • Cleaning Safely

    It is totally safe to clean the hard floors including the wood surfaces. This is a very good advantage especially for offices. It is made possible with the help of variable steam that differs from surface to surface and from stain to stain. You will get equally and uniformed clean surface throughout your house.

  • Sanitizer

    S3101 is not only a good cleaner but it is also a very efficient sanitizer. You do not any chemicals or cleaning agents and you also get the germs removed almost 100%. This also enables leaving no left over of cleaning product after cleaning on the floor.

  • Steam is Variable

    The variable steam gives you to luxury to adjust as per the requirement of your floor(s). You can clean the delicate of surfaces like wood and hardest of surfaces with greasiest of stains like tiles. This feature minimizes your effort and increases the life of your floors.


  • Germ get sanitized 99.9%
  • 230 ml water tank capacity
  • Water to steam time is 30 seconds
  • Cleaning area is 11 inches
  • Length of cord is 20 inches


  • A bit flimsy handle
  • Very small reservoir
  • Pushing is hard sometimes

Who Should Buy

It is a very durable steam mop and you can use it every day for getting rid of stains as well as for routine cleaning. It is very ideal if you have kids or pets that have a habit to spill whatever they have.

This steam mop can take out dirt, mud, coffee, sauce etc. and many more things so no worrying about the messes anymore. You can use S3101 even if you have different floors like wood, linoleum, tiles etc. in bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Its quick drying and sanitizing gives you a relief as you do not need to keep the children away from walking on these surfaces.

Also if you do not like the smell of chemicals and love the fresh steam then S3101 will for sure delight you. No more using the knife for scrapping dirt and stains as the variable steam control of S3101 is very powerful and gets rid of the stickiest of stains from any floor you have.


To sum up, S3101 is more than an ordinary steam mop for all floor types. The lightweight design makes it also very handy and can easily be moved around and stored.The cleaning features it have like variable steam make the cleaning process so easy and simple that you will not even know when it started and when it got finished.