Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) Review



Shark is a renowned as one of the good manufacturers of steam mops. Its Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601D is the latest to its product line of steam mops. It provides a complete for your hard floor by assuring to steam it, clean it and sanitize as well.

Not only that, it is also made for carpet refreshing. Apart from having the conventional rectangular mop, it also comes with a triangular mop head for reaching the corners and hard to clean areas of home.

Important Features and Specs

Following are a few things that distinguish Shark Professional steam pocket mop from other mops currently available in the market.

  • Clean and Sanitize

    Now all your hard and wood floors will be 99.9% free from bacteria and germs through the sanitization and cleaning provided by the super-heated steam of S3601D.

  • Steam Settings

    It comes with three different settings of steam, through the Intelligent Steam Control, of dust, scrub and mop. Each of the three settings helps you to clean as per the floor surface and its condition.

    For instance, you can select very light steam for surface very delicate like wood, less steam for routine cleaning of tiles and very high steam of sticky stains and areas with more traffic.

  • Innovational Release Mops

    The conventional rectangular mop head makes your regular cleaning a breeze. The new innovation Shark has come up with is triangular mop head which is very handy in cleaning corner and other hard to reach areas.

  • Easy to Use

    If you get in touch with sticky stains areas too often, probably because the kids or pets do a lot of spilling around, then you will definitely like S3601D as the little fingers on the pad cleans the stickiest of stains easily.

    The quantity of pads with S3601D is enough to clean and sanitize a large house as well with too many bathrooms, a large foyer and kitchen. Also after cleaning, the pads can easily be cleaned with just a small amount of bleach.

    The handles are also now very strong providing a better grip and cleaning as per your wish.Any floor you have including marble, wood, tile, stone etc Shark S3601D is the answer for its cleaning. You can even refresh your carpet with this steam mop, an added advantage for you.

  • Scrub Pockets

    These two mop pockets apart from being efficient in cleaning and sanitizing your floor is also washable. They are made from microfiber material and you could sustain them for 20 washes.

  • Minor Issues

    Complain has been received of flowing off the bottom part during the mopping process due to which all the water and steam started coming out. It is very dangerous if any pet or baby is in your house.

    The steam in some of the mops after some uses stops being that warm. After then the steam started spraying from tank’s sides and the water started to drip on all the floors during cleaning.

    Sometimes, the mop head hole get closed so the steam stopped coming out. Eventually when you take out mop head, the steam would blast out. After mopping through S3601, the floors do get clean but they do not shine.

    Users complain that the tank of water was needed to be in power head. This would have provided a good grip to clean through steam mop.

  • Accessories

    It has 2 mop heads, one is rectangular and the other is triangular, filling flask, and 2 mop pockets which are washable.


  • 9% sanitize and that also free from chemicals
  • Shark steam pockets provide 2-side cleaning
  • Intelligent Steam Control provide 3 settings
  • The capacity of water is 500 ml
  • 2 Mop heads for quick release
  • The water gets steamed in 30 seconds
  • The width to clean 12”.


  • The customer service is not very responsive.
  • The mop heads are reported to spread the dust instead of absorbing it.
  • An on / off switch is also not present.
  • Unplugging the mop after every clean is very irritating.

Who Should Buy

If you are a hygiene person and want even the invisible areas of your home to be clean then this mop is a very good option for you as its triangular mop is very helpful in reaching these types of areas like lip of the refrigerator and stove and under the cabinets.


To sum up, Shark S3601D Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a very handy product for your routine cleaning. The Intelligent Control allows you to achieve optimum and uniform cleaning on all types of hard surfaces with even the sturdiest of stains.

The added feature is removal of bacteria and germs and that to without the help of any sort of chemical cleaning agent. It is a durable product and you do not need to spend any more money for a long time after purchasing S3601D as even mop pads last very long till 20 washes.

Using the steam mop is also very hassle free as it has a strong grip handle and is very lightweight.