Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright Vacuum Cleaner (HV302) Review



In their attempt to replace full sized vacuum cleaners with a lightweight design, Shark came up with the Rocket Ultralight HV302, offering the same power and performance. It offers a lot of cleaning versatility because of its slim design. Basically, the motor is in the handle as well as the dust cup.

So it’s like having the vacuum in one hand attached to the wand and cleaning head. It cleans carpets and bare floors and has two cleaning bases. One with the brush roll with deep cleaning action for carpets and one with a microfiber pad with suction for cleaning and polishing hardwood floors.

But does it really perform as well as full-sized vacuums? In this review, we will take a look at its best features and what you might need to watch out for and hopefully give you a better idea of whether or not you want to go with this slim version or stick to conventional ones.

Important Features and Specs

It’s pretty clear that the biggest advantage of the HV302 is convenience and versatility. But it does a good job in picking up fine particles on carpets. It features Never Lose Suction Technology so power stays the same all throughout and you can clean more rooms.

The brush roll has two settings. Use the deep clean for carpets and gentle cleaning for hard floors. You cannot actually turn off the brush unlike in other models but the gentle setting slows down the brush movement for better results on tiles and wood.

There is nothing flashy about the design. It’s black with dark orange highlights. The compact motor is attached to the handle, along with the clear dust canister. It is ergonomically designed so it’s not hard to grip.

It is ultra-light, weighing only 8 pounds with dimensions of 9.8″ x 10.5″ x 46″ Width, Depth, and Height (WDH) so it is also easy to maneuver. The handle features swivel steering. When you twist your wrist a little, it will steer the base to its direction; great for navigating tight spaces.

One nice feature that is often not offered in other slim vacuums is that it is self-propelled. Once you turn the unit on, it will give a slight push forward. It is easier to move around and it also has a 30 foot cord.

It does a great job in cleaning dirt and fine particles. However, you might have a hard time when cleaning bigger debris such as beads or chips. When tested on carpet with some cheerios, it tends to push some of it forward so you’ll have to back for another pass. That’s something you might want to think about. The small base could also have some drawbacks. It is very narrow so it wouldn’t cover a lot of area.

Storage is a breeze. You can detach the handle and clip it on the stick so it becomes shorter. The cord winds up at the back. It also comes with a wall mount so you can easily just lock your vacuum in place when not in use.

A rather problematic flaw in design is the way the dust cup is not detachable from the handle. And the handle is connected to the cord. So if you have to empty the dust cup, you’d have to unplug it and carry the cord in one hand. There’s no problem in emptying the canister though. Just press a button and it will release the dirt straight to the trash bin.

It comes with a set of very useful attachments. The alternative base or cleaning head has a replaceable microfiber pad for cleaning hard floors.But it’s not really advisable to use it when cleaning powdery particles such as baking soda because it spreads it around and might just end up sticking to small gaps especially on wood.

You’re better off with the brush head. But the pad is great for polishing wood. It also comes with a crevice tool which you an attach to the extension wand so you a reach edges on walls and even the ceiling.


  •  Good suction
  •  Has a long cord
  •  Bagless
  •  Ultra-light


  •  Dust cup is not detachable from the handle
  •  Not great for cleaning bigger debris

Who Should Buy

The Shark Rocket HV302 is great for those who want to have a lightweight vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning. It is not recommended for bigger homes but will be perfect for small apartments and for light cleaning only. The price is not ridiculously high but it is a little more expensive than standard models.


The Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright (HV302) is a nice alternative to a full sized vacuum that would be perfect for small houses and apartments. It is easy to use, clean and store, saving you a lot of time and effort. If you want a lightweight vacuum for cleaning occasional cleaning, give the HV302 a try.