Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner (NV501) Review



Those of use who have busy lifestyles would appreciate anything that would make our chores easier and the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away vacuum cleaner just makes cleaning more efficient and convenient. It’s called a three-in-one because of its three main brushes but it really is an all around cleaner and comes with a pack of useful attachments for all your cleaning needs.

It features powerful suction. It cleans carpets and bare floors and is very versatile with the help of the included tools. What makes it very interesting is that you can easily detach the machine from the base and carry it around to clean narrower spaces like a portable vacuum.

That’s why it’s called the Lift-Away. We will look at its unique features and how it compares to other models in this review. The price is a little above standard full-sized vacuums but it does offer a lot more than your basic cleaners. But how far is its performance from the ordinary? Is it worth the few extra bucks? Let’s find out.

Important Features and Specs

The Rotator Lift-Away NV501 features Shark’s Never Lose Suction Technology. This means that the machine will use the same suction power all throughout so you can keep cleaning ad cover more rooms even when your extra large dust container is almost full. Unlike in others where the suction becomes weaker as the canister fills up.

It picks up fine and coarse particles on the carpet very easily. When tested on carpet with some oats, it cleaned it up in one pass. It was also tested on some bigger debris like shredded paper, some small bolts and cheerios and the machine sucked up everything very well with just a couple of passes. Operation was also very quiet.

The design is nice. It has a little bit of a sporty look in bright white with red accents. It would go well with any home. The body which is also the extra large dust canister is clear so you can see what’s in there all the time. It is lightweight even with the base attached, weighing only 20 pounds with dimensions of 15 x 11.5 x 33.8 inches, Width, Depth, and Height (WDH).

20 pounds is not really ultra-light but it is very easy to maneuver because of its swivel steering. The handle pivots conveniently and the body rotates to your hand’s direction that’s why it’s called the Rotator.

When shifting to portable mode, simply click on the button to release the body from the brush base and lift it up to carry around when working on stairs or smaller areas. It also comes with a caddy where you can place the body securely and pull it around when cleaning hardwood floors.

Switch from the brush roll to the bare floor attachment to clean on wood. There is also a pet tool; great for cleaning pet hair and ground in dirt and also works well on stairs and upholstery. These two main brushes can be placed on a slot in the caddy so you have all your cleaning accessories in one place as you are cleaning.

A very important addition to this model that is missing from some versions of the Navigator series is the HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air). It traps allergens in the foam filter so the particles don’t go back to the air you breathe. It uses cyclonic system so no need to buy filter bags. To clean, just remove the canister and press the button to release the dirt straight to the trash bin from the bottom flap.


  •  Nice design
  •  Good suction power
  •  Quiet
  •  Maneuverable
  •  Bagless
  •  HEPA filter


  • Lifting the machine from the base to the caddy is easy but it could be an inconvenience sometimes because you have to do it to switch from carpet to bare floors, instead of just turning the brush on and off. But once it’s in place, it does make cleaning hardwood floors a breeze
  • A cord rewinder would be a nice addition

Who Should Buy

If you’re looking for extra features in a vacuum cleaner like the pet attachment and a portable option without spending ridiculous money, why not give the Rotator Lift-Away NV501 a try?It comes with a lot of added features and included attachments that would definitely make your regular cleaning a lot more convenient and efficient. It costs a little more than basic models but it is definitely less expensive than other brands that offer the same extras.


The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) is perfect for those who have busy lifestyles and want a vacuum cleaner that would make the job easier without sacrificing results.

It’s great for moms who have crawling babies around because it cleans up pet hair and deeply ground dirt on carpets. If you’re worried about allergens flying out as you clean, the HEPA filter would take care of that for you. It is a great value for a little extra budget.