Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501) Review



The new age is all about equipment that is efficient as well as quick. Steam mops are no exception to that. Even in this category you have so many choices, enough to confuse you and make a wrong decision.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 is also one of the pools of products in this category. It is a new model and has some new innovations hidden inside which makes it worth a try. The Shark is renowned to have features like variable steam control for different surfaces, efficient chemical free cleaning, and unique designed mop heads to clean the corners.

This product has gone beyond these attributes to give customer something extra. It reduces the cleaning time into half as compared with other steam mops and is also compatible in cleaning the bacteria. The characteristics and functions in the product that make it possible is what you will learn in this article.

Important Features and Specs

Apart from common mandatory cleaning features of steam mop, S3501 comes with some special features that give it edge over other products.

  • Intelligent Steam Control

    Like many other Shark steam mops, it also has 3 distinctive settings of scrub, mop and dirt to give you different cleaning solutions for different types of floors and different types of stains and dust. This in true sense makes you cleaning a breeze and gives you more time to relax and be with your family.

    You can select a very high steam for removing the stickiest of stains, a bit light for routine based cleaning every day and the lightest of steam for very elusive floors.

  • Micro Fiber Cleaning Pads

    The cleaning pads made from microfiber complement the steam pocket technology by provided steam pockets on two sides so you can clean twice the area on one time mopping with the flip of head of steam.

    Apart from the two common cleaning pads of Shark i.e. one rectangular washable pad for general cleaning and the other triangular cleaning for corners; it also has a carpet glider to groom and fresh the coverings of floor. These pads last for 20 washes so you do not need to buy anything else in the near future after buying the steam mop.

    The cleaning provided is way better than the traditional cleaning through bucket and mop. The steam provided is at an optimum level to not only clean but also to sanitize and dry the surface quickly.

  • Cleans the Bacteria

    The Shark’s premium super heat gives a chemical free cleaning and killing of various germs and bacteria to 99.9% level. The two sided pads make it better by doing it in half time.

  • Accessories

    It comes with a flask for filling purpose, 2 washable pockets for all purpose use, and a mop head in rectangular shape.


  • Water tank size is 450 ml
  • The steering can swivel
  • Water to steam is 30 seconds
  • Steam on demand from push to pump.
  • Cleaning area is 12” wide
  • Length of cord is 22 ft.


  • Microfiber pads do not clean well
  • Stops working after 10 uses


Who Should Buy

If your house as different types of flooring like wood for living room, hardwood for bedroom and tiles for kitchen then you can easily buy the S3501 and do not need to think of any second options. It will mop the floors very fast and will make you delighted when you look at the floor and you will not feel any strain.

It does not leave any type of streaks and gives a smooth and shining cleaned floor. It is a very good steam mop for a large house as the two sided mop head is reported to clean a house as big as 2800 sq. ft. in less than 1 hour.

Not to worry about the versatility of flooring in the house. The swivel steering also complements the variable steam to take of the sturdies of stains in a breeze. You can even clean you garage with it and get surprised with the result it gives.


The S3501 with its innovation of two sided mop cleaning, with the basic features of efficient and chemical free cleaning, has gained popularity in the steam mop market. It has also saved users to unplug the mop and cool it, as it is the case when you need to change the pad.

Even the carpet glider has been a good addition for steam dusting of rug. It is highly recommended to use Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 for sealed floors. It is also suitable to use on other woods and laminated floors but its specialty is in tile, no-wax vinyl and linoleum.

The customer rate it as a good value for the price as it reduces the time and effort to half with the two sided cleaning through the mop heads. It has converted mopping from a boredom and stressful work to a total fun.