Shark Steam and Spray Mop (SK410) Review



Shark Steam and Spray Mop SK410 is made to clean the most stickiest of stains and toughest of residue. The steering swivels allow you to direct it easily around the house and even on the corners and difficult to clean areas. The intelligent steam control gives you the liberty to choose if the cleaning is required or not.

These fantastic functions are coupled with a lightweight structure. The SK410 comes with special mode of steam-and-spray to deal with heavy debris. You can also choose between cleaning and sanitizing with the help of spray-only and steam-only mode respectively.

It is compatible with all hard floors and wood flooring. You can use it without any worries around children and pets.

Important Features and Specs

Apart from some common features like cleaning and sanitizing SK410 also has some unique features which differentiate it from ordinary steam mops. We have discussed both type of features in this article thoroughly.

  • System of Steam & Spray

    Apart from the functions of a steam mop, it also comes with Steam Energized Cleanser. This technology is very useful for removing the stickiest of messes on your floor. A high level of cleaning is provided by SK410. It is the first of its kind.

  • Steam Energized Cleanser Function

    The Steam Energized Cleanser crushes the hardest and oiliest of stains and dirt while your steam mop provides the regular cleaning and sanitizing. It is biodegradable and non-toxic so you can use it safely around babies.

    It hits the mess on the bonds between the molecules which allows them to break up into small fragments and thus get removed easily.

  • Pads for Cleaning

    It comes with two types of pads for your cleaning purpose. The first one is the conventional microfiber pad which is washable so you could use it and reuse it many times. The second one is the Sanifiber Pad which is disposable. They both clean your floor efficiently and to an optimum level. They can be used in hard floors as well as on wood surface.

  • Sanitize and Steam Simultaneously

    The steam in SK410 will clean all your dust and debris while the sanitation is also going on at the same time. The residue and dirt is then picked up by the microfiber pad to provide a clean and shining floor.

  • Three Modes

    It is the most multipurpose steam mop and first of its kind in providing special mode for heavy stains. It comes with three types of modes for mopping purpose.The steam only mode is useful for sanitizing the floor when the floor is cleaned from residue.

    The spray only mode is for routinized cleaning. You can do it without the cord by using batteries. The last one is the steam and spray mode for taking out the toughest messes.

  • Accessories

    It has 4 AA batteries, a flask for filling, a power cord which is removable and is 25 inches long which is large enough to clean kitchen and bathroom, a 20 oz. bottle of steam energized cleanser to deal with greasiest of stains, 2 Sanifiber pads which are disposable in nature, and a microfiber pad which is washable – both are efficient to clean in a better way.

  • Additional Features

    You can clean the floor either by plugging the 22′ removable cord or the cordless way with the help of batteries. The water tank capacity is 350 ml, large enough to let you clean for a longer period of time.

    The nozzle spray covers your floor perfectly so you never miss anything. The handle is ergonomically designed so your hand does not get tired after cleaning.


  • 3 cleaning modes – spray only, steam only and steam and spray.
  • Perfect to clean hard floors and wood.
  • Capacity of water tank is 350 ml
  • The water is converted to heat in 30 seconds
  • The width of cleaning area is 12 inches
  • Very good in tile floors and provides quick drying.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Ergonomic handle with strong grip.


  • Handles feel bulky sometimes.
  • Steam cleanser button gets pressed unintentionally

Who Should Buy

Buy SK410 if your floor is laminate, wood or / and tile. The cleaning and sanitizing is completely environmental friendly and safe for your babies as well. No need to lower your back and scrub the mop for sticky stains. You just need to change the mode and mop it as usual and the result will be extra-ordinary.


Overall, Shark Steam and Spray Mop SK410 is a very easy to use and efficient steam mop. You can use it cord and cordless way, grip it with the ergonomic handle, use one of the three modes of intelligent steam control for perfect cleaning and sanitizing and finally use the energized cleanser to get the outclass result.

So this mop has everything to make your cleaning customizable as per your floor and the dirt stick on it and that too with minimal effort.